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Samsung Instinct HD Cell Phone

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pretty good phone


the samsung instinct hd is a good looking phone. It has a touchscreen that you can scroll through and tap to reach everything you need. Apart from looking great is has one of the best cameras on a phone. It's a 5 mega pixel camera with flash but it also has a video camera that captures HD and the video looks better than many camcorders out there. You can't zoom though which can be a setback but the video quality is great nontheless. texting on the phone is fairly simple though big fingers or inaccurate coordination can lead to some problems trying to type out messages. It has an Opera browser which isnt the greatest but is fairly good. One issue though is you can only double tap to zoom in to a set rate, so you can't scroll zoom in and out. Sometimes the wifi had issues connecting to networks and the phone needed to be truned off then back on before it could connect to a network. One of the main cons was powering it on, it takes a while at least 30 seconds.  

Los Angeles, CA


the best phone in the world


I love this cell phone.  It does everything you would need a phone to do.  It has texting, web browsing, navigation, high def camera/camcorder, IM, Facebook, Myspace, and anything else you could imagine.

Joplin, MO


The instinct is a great phone.


I have had the samsung instinct for 2 years now and it has been the greatest phone i have ever owned. AMAZING NAVIGATION, and email service, 2.0 mega pixel camera could be better but this phone is still in my opinion one of the best sprint has to offer.

Clifton, NJ


Samsung Instinct HD Cell Phone

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