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Samsung Hue II A Cell Phone

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it's easy to use and very durable.


The Hue II by Samsung is a really good phone. I've had mine for about seven months and have never regretted it.  There is a screen on the outside which allows you to find out the time with out opening the phone and when your hands are busy that is a handy thing to have. when you open the phone the screen is nice and large so it is easy to read. The buttons are larger than some phones I have had and they haven't worn out as badly as others. It has an easy to read menu. and resetting ringtones and backgrounds are worriless. It really isn't a complicated phone.  The feature I love most is the Voice caller Id. I don't even have to look at my phone to know who is calling.  The pictures it takes is of good quility. they are really clear for the most part and you can take pictures in various lighting conditions. Sending them to others via a picture message is very easy. The applications area is easy to understand. I simply can not believe how fast the battery charges or how long the battery can last.  it has lasted me up to three days where I was charging my old phone every other day.

Deshler, OH


Not Impressed at all WORTHLESS


The Hue II cell phone by Samsung Is totally worthless. I received this phone free with a contract renewal throug Alltell. I wanted a flip phone and since this was free it was my only choice. I wish I had spent some money for a better phone. The reception is fine with phone. But if you plan on doing a lot of talking then you don't want to even consider this phone. The batter life in this phone is terriible. I don't make or receive that many calls. I find that I have to charge the battery evey 1 to 2 days. The nice feature is when a call come in the number and a name that is in your call list is announced to let you know who is calling. You are able to change colors of the faceplate. The camera with the phone is nothing special. You don't even have the zoom control. The buttons on this phone are not that great either. I have small fingers so I find that I'm pushing more than one button at a time. I recommend that you spend some money for a real phone. I would never recommend the Samsung Hue II.

Turtle Lake, WI


Samsung Hue II is okay.


The Samsung Hue II is okay but I not 100% satisfied with it.  There are so many places where I have no reception.  I'm not sure if it's the phone or the service.  I like to be able to change colors so that's a plus.  It was easy to learn to use but I wish that it had different ring tones.  I can't find one on line that I like. 

Sanborn, MN


I wish it had a fully size keyboard


Having been without a cell phone for six years I finally decided to get a new one and return to the world of cell phone users. After much hagling and looking over the choices that were presented to me and not wanting a phone that takes being a rocket scientist in order to operate it,  I picked the Samsung Hue II R600 A. I liked the fact that I could change the face and back plates out in order to satisfy my need for color. I also liked that it is a flip style phone because my work cell phone is not and I am constantly hitting the buttons and things of that nature which can create a problem in and of itself. The phone is simply and offers a wide variety of extras while not being over complicated. Since I did not want email, touch screen and things of that nature it seemed to be the best pick for me at the time. I am over all pleased with the Samsung Hue ll other than the fact that it does not offer a full keyboard. It was my thinking that I would not be texting much so at the time a full keyboard was not a main feature that I was looking for in a phone, I was wrong on that account. That being said, I do love the fact that the volumn control goes high enough that I do not have trouble hearing while talking. Over all rate the phone as average.

Odessa, TX


Samsung Hue II A Cell Phone

3.0 4