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Samsung Highnote Cell Phone

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The Samsung Highlight is a GREAT phone!!!!!


The Samsung Highlight is a great introduction to the touch screen. The camera quality is not the best but the phone makes up for it in other areas. The phone automatically locks so you dont have to worry about unknowingly making calls while in your pocket or purse. One of the best features on the phone is the side bar on the home screen, for easier access to applications. The battery life is incredible!. I have NEVER had a dropped a call on this phone. Many touch screens have problems with the screen freezing, the samsung highlight has never frozen. You dont need a web plan to view your email account which is a bonus. It also has a music player, so you can download whole songs to listen or save as ringtones for generak callers, or make it exclusively for a special person. The phonebook is automatically synced to the phone once you insert the SIM card and turn the phone on. The phone also has a vibrate and ring option, so there's no way to miss an important phone call. Would recommend this phone to tweens or teens.

Chicago, IL




Samsung E630. I have had this phone for 3 years before I changed it for a newer version. But I have never had any problems with this phone.Screen:The screen is small in comparison with more modern phones but at the time I bought it was pretty good. The resolution was very good. It even supported animated wallpapers. Camera:Picture quality was quite bad. The pictures were very small and full of big pixels. It had a flash thought. But it did not help the quality. And there was no video camera.Sound: Sound was decent. There were 64 Polyphonic Ringtones .Features:It supported photo caller ID, but the picture was very small. It had voice recorder, which I never used because the you can't really hear much of what you recorded. There was also a melody composer, which created only MIDI files. It was still no good for me because I don't know notes. Battery:Battery life was very good. It could work for 20 hours straight without a recharge. Slider:It was a slider phone. For some reason, they made it very hard to slide up and down. Only after a year it became a little easier to slide. But the phone was very reliable. I dropped it so many times and it still was working just great.

Tuscaloosa, AL


The Samsung Highnote-red is an excellent phone if you like music


This phone is especially for a person who loves music-like myself. Also it's a good way to communicate with the email and i.m. So if you're looking for a good quality phone that plays music at the same time as you i.m., text, or email your family or friends, I would suggest to you the Samsung Highnote-red. Also, they have another color which is blue if you don't like red. In addition, it includes a massive storage for pictures. In fact, it comes with a MicroSD card when you order this phone from the Sprint company. Plus, this phone slides up and down. When you slide the phone down, the speaker will appear-When the phone slides up, the virtual QWERTY appears. So yes, it's a slider phone. It's a 3.5 oz phone, so it's lightweight and thin also. Addition to all of this, I has photo caller ID. And speakerphone is also included on this wonderful phone. Another unique thing about this Highnote is that it has rotating 5 way navigation key to make music sharing easier.

Andalusia, AL


Samsung Highnote Cell Phone

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