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Samsung Galaxy S 4G Smartphone

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hese phone is very good easy to use and very convenient size


hese phone is very good easy to use and very convenient size is not large or small it is suitable for the uses of the internet and play game is an excellent bary



alaxy 4 G nice phone


i have one of this phone its easy and good phone


bordj bou arreridj; algeria


This product is very good


These phone is very good easy to use and very convenient size is not large or small it is suitable for the uses of the internet and play game is an excellent bary




we miss this cell phone


One of the best cell phones i've ever had He's to good on navigation and playing games and the image quality His speed makes him special even if the ram is not to good I miss him already




No memory


This phone will not allow for more than one application to be installed. Because it has very limited memory built in the phone. It freeze, loses network, breaks up calls. Battery Life So so after 6 months it will only last 6 hours Display/Screen Quality Fair Call Quality Terrible Ease of Use OK Durability It does not do what is expected of any basic phone Design OK




Should have waited for the S2,S3 or even the S4


I got this phone after having the blackberry So this was my upgrade into the touch screen phone. I really regret not waiting a few more months to get the newer versions of the Galaxy. This phone is ok except the memory is pretty low for what I need. Finding any accessories for this phone is pretty difficult. Battery Life prepare to carry a charger with you whether ever you go. Display/Screen Quality The quality of display is good despite the smaller screen. I have dropped this phone numerous times and the screen never cracked. Call Quality My calls are barely dropped so it's pretty good there. Ease of Use It isn't too bad after you've had for a couple of months but that can be transitioning from any phone to another. Durability I have dropped this phone numerous times but it continues to work, hasn't cracked or chipped. That is partially do to the case I have but I am surprised at the lack of scratches on the screen. Design Small, convenient, fits anywhere and slim.




Pleased with This Phone!


I've not had it very long, but so far I am happy with my new Samsung Galaxy phone. It's a wee bit of a hassle to get it all set up at first. It's not that it is not user friendly. It IS very user friendly! There's just a lot of it, getting it on your network, getting all the settings the way you like them, getting the icons on your home screen and removing the ones you do not want, etc. I also do not care for the way the actual call and messaging is set up. To make a call, on the home screen there's a button. But it's for calling and messaging. Then on the next screen you have to hit either call or message button, then you get to make a call or send a text message. That is a bit of a hassle. But the phone is rather intuitive. The screen flips when you turn the phone, it seems to know when you remove it from your ear and goes from black screensaver, to end call. I like that. Lots of capabilities, lots of storage avaiable, bluetooth ready. The screen doesn't clean up too easy, but I've found that to be true with most smartphones. I use my phone a lot, and the battery life has gone for days now!


Buhler, KS


Decent smartphone.


Although I like the graphics and easy browswer capablilties of this phone, I am not sold on the fact that it is worth the expensive price. It is very much like a mini tablet with it's internet capabilities however this is dampened by the fact that service is not great on it. I was told by sales people that this phone is known to have a lesser ability to get service which seems ridiculous given it's other capabilites and price. However, it is true. I can be in the middle of a large city and struggle to get strong data capabilities. The phone and text aspects seem to work but browsing internet and using apps is slowed. Also it does not have a good battery life. It needs to be charged usually 1-2 times a day. Performance It has strong internet and camera capability however it does not benefit you if your are not in a really good service area. Voice Quality I have had no problem hearing people I am talking to and infact often use the speaker option which seems very audible. Battery Life Very poor battery life, needs to be charged often. Durability Strong materials, not cheap plastic. Ease of Use Very user friendly, simplistic in operating. Design It is a bit wide, it is nice to be able to see the screen but wide for hand holding.


South Portland, ME


It is like a mini computer!


I am very pleased with this phone. I have been using droids for several years, but this one is the best so far. It is easy to use and the screen size is what sold me. Even though the screen is wide it still fits in my back pocket It has a lot of high-tech features that I haven't used yet, but hopefully will soon. Also it has a fantastic camera that allows you to take action shots and the salesperson says is the best camera in all the phones. I am pretty hard on phones..I often crack screens. I read that Samsung's screens are more durable and so far mne has held up through many drops on the floor.




Samsung Galaxy S 4G Smartphone

4.0 9