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Samsung Galaxy Pocket Smartphone

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the phone good but the lifebaterry is low



Good for small hands!


The phone is good with the functionality you would expect from Samsung. The screen is a bit small and fiddly though and as an adult, I find it hard to touch the item I want accurately all the time. It would be great for a teenager though. Because it uses Google Play, there is a huge range of apps etc to choose from without any iRestrictions! Battery Life With normal usage and occasional calls, texts, app internet use, the battery usually lasts me for one to two days. I charge it every night to be on the safe side. Display/Screen Quality The quality of the screen is good but it can be hard sometimes to accurately choose the item I'm looking to click on. Call Quality The quality of phone calls is great with clear sound and mostly good reception. Ease of Use Easy to find one's way around it. Durability It has fallen a few times (oops) but lived to tell the tale with no ill effects! I do, however have a screen protector and silicon cover on it. Design Small screen for adults so I would think it's better suited for a teenager or someone with small hands.



Best smart phone ever made!


I upgraded from a LG Optimus LG and this phone is amazing in every aspect!v Belive the hype! I don't even think the almighty I phone can or ever will out do this phone in any category! Battery Life Lasts forever it seems. Display/Screen Quality vivid picture Call Quality very clear calls Ease of Use very user friendly..even for a smart phone beginner user Durability have dropped it many times and its tough! Design looks sleek modern and awesome!

Fort Worth, TX


You might be able to find a better product than this one.


Battery life isn't good. Have a tendency to accidentally touch surrounding keys when using touch screen. It takes a long time to load applications to the point where I just give up, and move on to something else. Battery Life Need to charge everyday or at least every other day Call Quality Sound clarity is fair. Sometimes I can't clearly hear what the caller is saying, and have to ask them to repeat what they're saying.

Stewartstown, PA


Samsung Galaxy Pocket Smartphone

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