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Samsung Galaxy Keyboard Dock (ECR-K14AWEGXAR)

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Small but good, works well.


Works well, especially for smaller hands. A guy with large hands would have a tough time using it I think. It is a great little keyboard. I wish you could switch it to fit it both upright and sideways though. Perfect if you want to be able to just type on your tablet without hitting the little buttons on the tablet. However there is no mouse, so it can be difficult to navigate. You will have to touch the screen as well as use the keys if you plan on moving around on sites, etc. Good price. Sound Quality great sound quality, doesn't change because you have added the keyboard. No speakers on the keyboard itself. Performance works well. Battery Life I have never had to change the battery. Durability seems pretty durable. never had an issue Ease of Use easy to use. plug in the tablet and it works. Design smart design, but no mouse makes it a little hard to use at times



Samsung Galaxy Keyboard Dock (ECR-K14AWEGXAR)

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