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Samsung French Door

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I have never been so excited about an appliance, EVER!


I could not wait to get this refrigerator in my house! It had a slightly different layout than I expected but that is fine because it has some cool features! The deli drawer has settings depending on what you have it to set the drawer temperature. With the shelving, you can't fit too many tall things on them and the left door has some wonky shelving for your condiments. My favorite, FAVORITE part is the ShowCase door! I can't lie, it is the reason I wanted this thing to begin with. I love not having to open the ENTIRE door to get to things just on the inside of the door. Bottom freezer drawer is spacious and I have packed quite a bit of stuff inside of it. I love that the bottom drawer has two compartments and the lower allows me to resize with the divider to split my items up in the way I want to. I think the ice maker is large and clunky, taking up quite a bit of space inside the refrigerator but otherwise I love it!


San Tan Valley, AZ


One Awesome Referigerator


This is by far the best refrigerator that I have ever owned. I love the freezer on the bottom instead of the top. It is a large refrigerator, but I need it that way. One word of advice......make sure your doors are large enough to get it into your house. Ours were not, so we had to enlarge them. Noise Level Very rarely do I hear the refrigerator motor running. The only thing that IS noisy is when the ice cubes hit the glass. But really, that is expected for any ice maker. Interior Organization As stated earlier I love the freezer on the bottom. The downfall is that it is so deep that everything gets lost and shuffled around. The top freezer drawer is a little hard to see what is in it as it does not pull out all the way. The organization of the top refrigerated section has a nice organization. Most of the shelves either pull our for easy access or fold up for taller items. The doors have wider that usual trays for milk gallons. I also like the deli drawer that pulls out. Temperature Control There are temperature controls for all areas of the freezer and refrigerator. Ease of Cleaning Very easy to clean both inside and out. Stainless steel cleaner works well on the outside. Oh~ do not use tape on the outside. I cannot get it off. Inside wipes clean with a cloth. Durability his refrigerator seems to be durable. The only problem we have had with a durability issue is the deli drawer. It falls off the track quite frequently. I am afraid it may break after so many tugs and pulls. But it is still a good to have available. Design Love the design both inside and out.


Beaver, PA


Samsung French Door

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