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French Door Refrigerators
Samsung French Door Refrigerator


(B) Ensured tight seal with self-closing CoolSafe doors (/B) (P)Samsung's CoolSafe doors close automatically and ensure a tight seal every time.(/P) (B) ENERGY STAR(R) Compliant (/B) (P)You'll save money while conserving energy with our ENERGY STAR(R)-rated refrigerators. Plus, a handy alarm alerts you when the door is left ajar or open too long.(/P) (B) Drop temperatures with Power Freeze and Power Cool (/B) (P)The Power Freeze and Power Cool feature drops the temperature in each compartment by 10 degrees within minutes. Great for chilling down cases of soda or hardening up ice cream in a flash.(/P) (B) Twin Cooling keeps food fresher (/B) (P)Samsung's Twin Cooling System(R) controls and generates cooling air for the refrigerator and freezer separately. Airflow between the two stays separate so the freezer air stays drier, while the refrigerator's moisture level stays at 42%-almost 5x higher than single cooling systems resulting in fruits and veggies that stay fresher, longer.(/P) (B) Easy access with Kid-friendly EZ-Open Handle (/B) (P)Our EZ-Open Handle(TM) at a kid-friendly height makes it easy for children to find their favorite snacks.(/P)

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Wonderful Refrigerator!


We've had this fridge for almost a year and a half and I love it. I know I love it because I never have to think about or worry about my fridge. It works so well that you take it for granted and forget all the awful fridges that came before it. It keeps my vegetables in the crisper fresher longer. The ice maker holds a lot of ice. The filter lasts about 6 months for just the two of us. I love the LED indicator, it is blue like the rest of the icons until it is getting close to needing to be replaced, then it turns purple. When it needs to be replaced it turns red, no more guessing or writing the date down somewhere and remembering to replace the filter. They are a bit pricey, but the water tastes great. We no longer buy bottled water. Every area of the fridge stays cool but not too cold. All my old fridges would freeze everything in the back, but this fridge keeps everything cool and fresh without frozen areas. I love the bottom drawer under the crisper drawers, perfect so meat can't leak onto your fresh veggies & fruits. The door shelves hold a lot of stuff, and we like condiments so they are crammed full. The freezer is awesome with a slide out top shelf and deeper shelves underneath. There is a flap to make room for a large pizza if you're not using the small tray just inside the door. There are moveable dividers so you can customize the space to work for you. I make one part just wide enough to hold my bags of frozen veggies and the larger stuff fits on the other side. We use the top slide shelf for ice cream, cold packs, opened veggie bags and frozen dinners. The enamel finish is easy to clean. The handles are also smooth enamel - not the textured plastic on many fridges that collect grime that is impossible to remove. If I had to pick one thing to change it would be that the ice type (cube/crushed) would be separate from the water setting. You have to toggle it every time to switch between ice and water. Although my in-laws have a similar fridge but there are two dispensers and I would rather it just be one dispenser since it looks nicer. Overall we love it, the size is just right while being plenty big. With the reorganize-able shelves (how could I forget to mention those!) you can fit large platters, tall cakes, upright wine bottles, etc. They are easy to move once you've gotten them cleaned off and there are enough configurations for it to be worth it, you're not just making a space bigger or smaller. I love the shelf that flips up, you don't have to move it to get it out of your way! It also comes with a hanging bottle holder, but we don't use it very often so it's in the cabinet next to the fridge most of the time. Noise Level The ice maker is a bit noisy when making ice and when dispensing ice and water. It does make a pop noise when you break the seal to open the doors, but that just means the seal is good. Interior Organization You can customize to your liking and needs, which means it will be perfect for you once you set it up in your ideal configuration. With all the extra room you should be able to find a home for all of your stuff. Temperature Control No cold spots, but everything is chilled and kept fresh. Nothing freezes, no matter how far in the back it is is shoved. It is also twin-cooled so it will not suck the moisture out of things like frosted cakes. It can cause the frosting to crack as it dries out, which happens in most refrigerators. This was important to me since I am a baker. I have never had problems with my cakes in this fridge, it keeps them looking like new. Ease of Cleaning The entire outside is enamel which is so much easier to clean than textured plastic. The inside is all glass and smooth plastic and most everything is removable so you can clean it on the counter or in the sink. This is good because I am short and cannot reach the back of the top shelf to clean it inside the fridge. Durability Had ours for a year and a half and if it was empty and cleaned it would look brand new. I think it will last a very long time. Design The design is sleek and modern. The blue LED display pops and looks very nice. We also have the Samsung stove with the same blue LED display so it looks matched.

Kent, WA


Dual icemakers


I bought this refrigerator because it has dual icemakers. My husband used the bin in the bottom for filling ice chests and I use the 'by the cup' ice from the top. REcently, the upper bin was stuck in position and I couldn't find anywhere that would tell me how to get it unstuck. It turns out it was ice buildup INSIDE the lock mechanism- both sides of the bin. Not too happy with that...

Silver Spring, MD


Samsung French Door Refrigerator

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