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French Door Refrigerators
Samsung French Door Refrigerator


The Samsung RFG296HDRS 36 Stainless Steel 29 cuft French Door Refrigerator with Dual Ice Maker features an Attractive Design Large Capacity LED Lighting and Superior Ice Production and

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Great, versatile design


Overall we're totally happy with this fridge. We have a kind of small fridge space and shallow countertops and this fridge fits perfectly and holds way more food than our last fridge even though cubic foot-wise it's smaller. I really like having the freezer on the bottom. I feel like it keeps food more evenly cold and probably requires less energy to do so. Plus stuff is not constantly tumbling out like in a side-by-side. My one complaint is the deli drawer. It slips off it's roller every time I open it. You have to pull it the maximum amount out or this will happen. Every time.


Denton, TX


Everything fits


We have had this refrigerator for many years and it is wonderful. We were able to custom order it with a 2nd icemaker in the freezer drawer, so we always have plenty of ice on hand. The shelving is easy to move or remove for cleaning. There is a flip up shelf that allows for taller items to fit easily. You can fit 2 gallons of milk in the door. We always have enough room to meet our family needs. The freezer has several compartments making it easier to keep organized. It is energy efficient and keeps everything at its desired temperature.




Overall functions great but not without flaw.


For everyday use this fridge is great. Temperature stays cool and even except for when the evaporator fan froze up. Our family has had this fridge for less than 2 years and it has had to be defrosted twice due to ice build up around the fan. When ice builds up the fridge does not cool well and can be loud. Besides that issue the fridge works well. It holds enough food for large family's and all shelves are easily accessible.


Toledo ohio


Roomy & Wide.


I absolutely love this refrig! Found it for a little bit over a year now. It's very wide and spacious. I have room for everything and I return from the grocery. Considering the cost compared to other refrigs Sunil to m this one, I feel it is the best value for the money. I would definitely purchase again.


Perryville Kentucky








buy it and will never regret


keep foods good as long as possible thanks to its ability to hold temperatures steady. Plus temps don't vary from shelf to shelf so you won't have to worry about which to store foods on to keep freshness. The pantry drawer stayed colder than the rest of the fridge, which will preserve meats and poultry longer. One thing to be wary of with the door's temperatures. The interior offers lots of flexibility with the ability to rearrange all of the shelves and compartments; unlike most it has two trays in the freezer in addition to the bin, which helps frozen foods stay organized. We love that it's easy to open the freezer, even when it's packed to the gills so don't worry anymore about your food go ahead and try it.


Misurata ,Libya


Nice cofee








Suitable refrglt. for all



Great reliable refrigerator


This is a very large refrigerator. We purchased it because it is so spacious and it is great having the freezer drawer at the bottom. The side by side type of refrigerator makes it easy to find what you are looking for. I like having the display above the water and ice compartment that shows when the filter needs to be changed. I absolutely love the fact that it has an alarm button on the display that you can leave on or turn off. This is by helpful to me. It beeps if the door is left open just a tiny bit. One drawback that we find is that we do not like the ice maker being in the top of the refrigerator. Other than that, it is an awesome product and I would highly recommend this one. It is very reliable and we have not had any problems with it. Noise Level This refrigerator really has no noise at all. I have never heard anything other than when you get water, the water refills. Other than that, it is very quiet. Interior Organization There is a lot of room, and you can move the shelves. I especially like the half shelves that can be converted to whole or half. Temperature Control Temperature control is great because it seems to maintain a steady temperature as to what you put it on. Ease of Cleaning The interior of this refrigerator is very easy to clean. I use a damp rag and soapy water and spills clean right up. As far as the outside of the refrigerator, the stainless steel finish, I found that one easy way to keep water marks and hand prints off of the finish is to clean it with WD 40. Once you clean it with that, you basically don't have to clean it for a few weeks and the stainless steel looks great. Durability This is a very sturdy refrigerator. It is very heavy, but sturdy. Design The design of this refrigerator is a very convenient one, with the 2 doors on the top and the drawer at the bottom. Easy to reach.


Slidell, LA


Very functional unit


After having two side by sides, getting back to a wide refrigerator is great. The french doors are an added bonus. Noise Level Extremely quiet running. However, it will get your attention when the icemaker dumps ice. Sounds like someone dropping rocks inside. Interior Organization The flexible shelving system is great Temperature Control I do have to set the thermostats higher as the interior temps of both the refrigerator and freezer compartments are significantly colder than whatever you set them at on the control panel. Ease of Cleaning No complaints. Worst part is having to move all the stuff on a shelf or shelves. Durability Have only had the unit for about 6 months, but I hope it lasts much longer than the cantankerous G.E. Arctica which it replaced. Design I had to drop the rating by a point as the ice/water dispenser in the door is not designed as well as it could be. Water spout shoots too close to the back of whatever container you're using, and the ice dispenser, particularly the crushed, seems to go every which way as it dispenses regardless of the container you're using. Also, after dispensing ice, watch out the next time you go to get some as most times it seems that a bit of undispensed ice will stay in the chute, melt, and then run out as you try to get more ice. Does prove one thing, however, and that is that the door on the dispenser is very well sealed. By the way, don't forget to check the drip pan below the dispenser frequently and remove any water in there so you don't end up with the shallow tray getting mildewed or filling up and overflowing down the front of the door.




Samsung French Door Refrigerator

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