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Samsung French Door Refrigerator

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Plastic parts break easily


Plastic interior parts break easily,




Terrible quality


It works, as far as that goes, but I've had a ton of problems with this product. Actually, I have problems with every Samsung product I buy, but this was the most expensive and therefore the most troublesome. I expected a lot, but instead when the product came it was dinted and scratched. It was covered in a weird plastic (Samsung tried to blame this on the shop I bought it from, but I'm not buying that, since it had Samsung logos printed on it) that left a weird sticky residue and tore off some of the finish when it was removed. No power cord was delivered either, so I didn't have any way to use it until Samsung came and brought me more stuff. They didn't make it right, though - it still has all those cosmetic defects, and I had no way to return it. This was not a second, it was a straight full price product. Very disappointing, and I would tell anyone who asked me to avoid all Samsung products at all costs. I've had Samsung TVs fail, Samsung refrigerators... just everything I buy from them turns out to have defects! AVOID! Noise Level It's not really noisy, as far as I can tell, when compared to other refrigerators I've owned Interior Organization Nothing wrong here, compared to others I've owned and used. Temperature Control Just what you'd expect, nothing special. Ease of Cleaning Same as above - what you expect, but nothing too special. It's just a run of the mill item. Durability Well, considering the fact that it came in a mess on the day I got it, I can't say much for durability. The quality is very poor, and I expect it to quit working, just like all the other Samsung products I've bought, in no time. Ugh. Design It looks okay, but it'd look nicer if it wasn't torn to bits when I got it. Samsung blames the deliverer, but since it was in Samsung's box, it must've happened at the Samsung factory. Avoid Samsung.






Has space for everything! Enough drawers and shelves for perfect organization. Noise Level I barely know it's in my kitchen. There is no noise when it kicks on and the ice maker doesn't scare me every time new ice is released. Interior Organization I love all of the drawers and shelves in the center of the fridge for all of my dishes. The double doors is perfect for all of the beverages. I never need to move anything around to find something in my fridge. The freezer is very easy to access even though it is on the bottom. It even has an extra drawer and compartments so I can easily find anything I need. Temperature Control I love that nothing in the back gets frozen but everything is always at the perfect temperature. My frozen food hasn't gotten freezer burn since I bought this fridge. Ease of Cleaning Very open and easy to clean. I can easily wipe down everything inside. Durability I have four children and a husband always opening and closing the doors and I have never had a problem with anything breaking or with loosing the cold temperature. Design I am a neat freak and there is perfect organization. I am able to move the shelves around to accommodate for any left overs or party preparations.




LOVEmy Samsung!


We recently moved into our new home and lucked out finding this Samsung refrigerator as a scratch and dent model- it would be worth EVERY penny full price though! First of all, it is 29 cubic feet.  Coming from an 18 or 19 cubic foot fridge, the room in this is truly unbelievable- it is SO deep and the door storage/drawers really are thought out to fit things, not just an afterthought.  You could put six gallons of milk just in the door storage! The freezer is great- a tray, divided main compartment and then a little shelf actually on the door for little stuff.  I especially like it on the bottom, because everything in the refrigerator compartment is at eye level- although this is big, everything is easy to see and I haven't "lost" anything yet. This actually has two icemakers, which is great for parties.  In addition, the in door ice and water are really just a bonus to the fridge. I would pay for delivery on this and not try to put it in yourself- the doors generally need to come off to get it through a standard front door and the delivery guys were pros at it.


Fremont, NE


Samsung appliances are great


The **Samsung RFG298AAPN 28.5 cu. ft. french door bottom freezer **is pricier than some of the other french door bottom freezers out there. Samsung is a great brand but I wasn't sure about it being better than any of the others like LG.  This one sold us because of the dual ice maker.  At the time we bought this one it was the only one on the market and we are really glad we bought it.  The sleek look and roomy interior was another selling point. I laughed when my husband said he liked it because of it's LED lighting but he was right, the lighting is amazing and the way it's laid out you never "lose" anything in this refrigerator.  It has an icemaker and water in the door, but the second ice maker is located in the bottom freezer.  It takes little space and is well worth the space sacrifice for plenty of ice in this family.  The chilling drawer is large enough for wine bottles but has a divider that you can use to put other things in it too.  It has two humidity controlled drawers that keeps my produce fresher longer and plenty of room in both doors to hold including a gallon of milk!  This one is a keeper! 


Bowling Green, KY


Samsung French Door Refrigerator

3.6 5