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Samsung Freestanding Induction Range FTQ307NWGX

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great until it breaks


This was a great stove, until it broke after 4 monthes. Turned it on and it flipped the circuit. after 3 repair visits, it was just fryed. I knew from other reviews i was taking a chance on it. I got my money back and all that, but we went for 2 months without a stove between repair time and waiting for the new one to arrive from whirlpool



A fantastic range from Samsung!


I purchased this range because of one feature: induction It is so much nicer and it cooks more evenly than any electric or gas range I have ever used. The cooking surface on top features four induction elements beneath a solid tempered glass panel and the touch controls are located to the bottom right. I really like how the surrounding areas close to the cooking surface stay cool too, thus reducing accidental burns. The oven is another area where this Samsung excels because it uses convection heating so evenly and precisely cook food. It also has a very convenient self-cleaning feature that uses steam. You don't realize how much your old oven was lacking until you've used something this revolutionary! Durability Very good so far!

Oneida, NY


Samsung Freestanding Induction Range FTQ307NWGX

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