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Samsung - Digimax S500 Digital Camera

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great camera!


This camera is great! I have only one complaint: Sometimes it takes a while to autofocus due to lighting issues...it has to be pointed at light for it to get its bearings. Otherwise, I really appreciate this camera...great quality and great price! It has cool features, including fun pre-made layouts. The video works really well, except when you zoom in the sound goes away...the first time I used the video feature it was choppy because when I zoomed in it stopped recording sound, but when I stopped zooming the sound came back.

Gainesville, FL


Good, reliable camera. Nothing fancy.


My Samsung Digimax S500 camera has done a pretty good job for me. I have had this over a year. I got it for my April birthday in 2008. I bought this because it was a starter camera for me. It seemed like it was kind of a basic, simple camera that I could learn on. And I was right. But I'm really not tired of it yet so I am still using it. I don't feel the need yet to purchase something that is more intricate. This does what I need. I take the pictures, upload them to my computer and I can do lots of stuff with the pictures from there. It is not real hard on batteries but that is probably because I don't go crazy taking pictures with it. But for our family events and an occasional need for miscellaneous photos, this camera does great. I have had no problems with it, so far. The only things I really wish it had was a bigger viewfinder, the older I get the harder it is to see. And I wish it had a little better focus. It is really jittery. I really had to get used to that. It's not a big problem, just a little aggravating.

Cedar Hill, MO


Good camera for a casual user!


This is hardly the best camera out there. IN fact there are way better ones for sure. But those all cost a lot more MONEY. I like to find the best I can for the price I am comfortable with. This camera is just that. The zoom is exceptional, the picture clarity is great, and the ease of use will have even a beginner taking great pictures in no time. And all for way less than one would pay for a top of the line camera. As a casual user, this was definitely the way to go for me. I have no regrets and plan to use this camera for a long time to come, as i continue to take pictures and develop my photo albums. One negative though, this camera uses up batteries FAST. So always have some spares on hand when using it, it seems to run out at the WORST moments.

Colchester, VT


Samsung Digimax S500- enjoy your three minutes.


The Samsung Digimax S500 will suck the life out of your batteries in a manner that puts Edward Cullen to shame. You will receive about three straight minutes of battery life, tops, before your camera will tell you that it wants seconds. You can turn your batteries around a few more times to get an extra minute or two, but pretty soon you'll need to replace them. The purchase of this camera needs to be accompanied by the purchase of a sandwich bag of AA's, which you'll need to carry around. If you turn your camera off immediately after you snap a picture, and don't leave it on unnecessarily, you might get as long as 10 minutes of life, if you're lucky. On the plus side, there are video and voice recording functions, which both work well (the video sound will disappear while you zoom in and out). You can also chose the mode to take your shot, such as "portrait", "child/movement", and "night".

Kaneohe, HI


It makes wonderful pictures!


**This camera is one of the best that I have used.  Its durable, easy to use, takes vibrant pictures, and just plain fun.   I have seen other models that are the same brand meaning Samsung but with higher mega pixels and they are even better.   I think if I decided to upgrade I would just get a better Samsung then anything else out there on the market.   Give them a try I'm sure you will love it.**

Pulaski, VA


very nice camera


I just brought this samsung digimax s500 digital camera in last week.We took some pictures and the quality of pictures is too good....really like it in price i got it.i will buy one more to gift it to my close friend.

weatogue, CT


Samsung - Digimax S500 Digital Camera

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