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Samsung - Digimax A503

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Great camera, easy to use


This has been a very nice camera and has served our family well for the 18 months.  We got it for our daughter & she has enjoyed it, loves the boarders.  We have ended up using it for all most all our family pictures.  It was very easy to use & easy to figure out how to use the functions that come with the camera.

Catlettsburg, KY


good quality pictures


the product is great it takes wonderful pics sleek and thin not bulky and heavy it does pictures in the dark and you can put different backgrounds for your picks you can crop and edit your pictures right from the camera                                                                                                                                                                                                

Huntington, WV


Works well for a limited time.


This is one of the first digital cameras that I purchased.  As a professional photographer, I really enjoy the quality of pictures that I get using film.  I wanted to try out something digital just to see.  The camera worked great for about 6 months and then the lens started acting funny.  Sometimes it would open and other times it wouldn't.  THe cost to get this repaired was more than the camera itself cost.  I was able to take the camera apart myself and get the lens to work, but I don't want to have to do that every time I go to use it.

Silver Spring, MD




This is the best camera I've had.It was givin to me as a gift and I have been pleased with it ever since I started using it.It takes great pictures and the resolution is spectacular....This camera is a great buy

Lake City, FL


not bad


Samsung Digimix A 503:Sometimes the pictures come out dark even when the flash is used. You cannot zoom while filming. It's a very good camera for the price though. The  picture zoom is not that great because the lens does not stick out forward. The battery life is very good. Once you take a picture you can add fun effects such as boarders and color changes to it.

Beverly Hills, CA


great kid camera


small, cute, easy to use - works great for daytime outdoors - not so great for nitetime.  it seems to have a hard time finding the subject to focus on when it dark.  tho the pix are not so high, it is easy to use and can do lots of fun fx right on the camera.  kids and teens would have fun with this.  reasonably priced too

Riverside, CA


Samsung - Digimax A503

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