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Samsung - Digimax 4010 Digital Camera

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This Samsung Digimax 4010 has lasted me 8 years!!!


I have loved every second of my **Samsung Digimax 4010**!  From the day I bought on black friday 2001 it has performed better than I could've ever expected!! I will soon have to update it as I'm feeling as tho I'm a little behind in the times...but it has held up all these years!! Fantastic piece of digital equipment.  I will definitely choose Samsung everytime!!


Bend, OR


hard to user and understand


I bought the Samsung HD camera becaue it had a digital camera and video with sound. It is supposed to be for a novice user. However I am having a lot of trouble getting used to it. IT has a touch panel like an I pod and it is very sensitive. It is hard to get to the options. Even deleting pictures is more than 3 steps. I hav eonly used it twice so far and am hoping to get to know if better and get some good shots but right now it is frustrating.


Folsom, PA


Easy to use


I got my samsung camera about 3 years ago and I don't remember how much I paid for it, but it still works great. I've dropped it a couple of times, the picture quality is great, has many different options and goes directly to camera mode for quick use. Easy to use and delete old pics. and is perfect size. Has an SD memory slot for extra memory.


Santa Rosa, CA


Samsung - Digimax 4010 Digital Camera

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