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Samsung - Digimax 301 Digital Camera

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I love this camera 🎥


Useful use



Samsung is good quality


This was my first Digital Camera that I have ever had. I bought it from my sister-in-law about 6 years ago. It does not have a lot of zoom on it, so your pictures need to be in pretty close range. However, the pictures had great color and did come out clear when I had them printed out at Snapfish. I was happy with the quality. It is a hardy camera and can stand a few drops to the floor, jaja. It is one of the older models of Samsung so does not have near as much technology as the newer ones do, but I was happy with it overall. At the moment my daughter is using it, as I bought a new model of a Samsung camera. My daughter is 9 years old and has been having a fun time using it and getting a picture of life from her own view. The batteries for some reason drain really quickly now, its old. So i have her use rechargeable batteries and then just charge them up again when they are drained. Image Quality I was happy with the quality of the pictures I took. Portability Its a little big compared to updated cameras.

Minneapolis, MN


It has been faithful


I got the Samsung Digimax 301 a few years back from my husband a a gift. The samsung digimax has beenvery faithful and reliable thses last few years. I have took it to the beach, to seaworld and many other locations. It has been through water and rain and sand and dirt, but still it keeps kicking. I have took alot of pictures wth this camera and still do. I would suggest the digimax 301 or any newer version to everyone. It takes a buttkicking and keeps on going.

Oklahoma City, OK




this camera is easy to use and understand the customer service is outstanding when i called customer serv  they took about 30 min to help me ( it was my mistake and i couldn't understand what i was doing wrong)   i would buy another one without any hesitation

Berwyn, IL


Still works to this day


This was one of the first digital cameras I ever bought and in this case I can be considered somewhat of an earlier adopter of this camera. This Digimax 301 has only 3.2 megapixels and it is kinda slow compared to newer models but the great advantage of this camera over the modern ones is that this one still works to this day. I took it overseas several times and it took over 5 years of beating and even though today it is only my backup camera, it still does the job that it was supposed to. It takes regular AA batteries that you can find in any store and SD cards which are pretty cheap. It does not have optical zoom but makes videos and records sound. It is backed by the horrible customer service at Samsung, however. Try calling them at least once with a real problem and you will see if their customer service really is good or not. Luckly with this camera I never had any issues. Possibly because back in the days Samsung tried to put good components in their equipment which was quickly replaced by cheaper stuff to remain competitive which makes their current products weak at best.

West Jordan, UT


Too little too slowly


For a very basic camera, this one has features that it really can't handle. At least my model does -- it has a video capabilty, but the video it makes is only about 90 sec. long and very hard to handle -- slow to download, slow to process. The flash and the main shutter release have a delay, so you have to take that into account when taking pictures. The camera really can't handle motion very well, either. All that said, I have gotten very pretty shots with it, especially of landscapes and still lives, so if you get a good deal on it, it's definitely handy. On my model, the memory holds 12-16 pictures, so you have to have your download/sharing process figured out and running smoothly, because you'll be doing it a lot. My final problem with this camera is that after about 3 years, something's gone wrong with the lens and all the pictures are now extremely blurry. I can't see to find what's wrong, and it seems to have happened overnight. So, just don't get your hopes way up there, and you'll be fine.

Lincoln, NE


It's easy to use and dependable


I've had really great results with this camera and it's so easy to use.  Much easier than the previous digital camera I had.  I definitely recommend it for someone who is technically challened like me and doesn't want to spend a lot of money!

Boise, ID


Samsung - Digimax 301 Digital Camera

3.9 7