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Samsung - DVD- DVD Recorder VCR Combo

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An alternative for the DVR


The Samsung DVD/VCR combo has been useful tool.  I am a conscious spender and having this tool has saved me money in not having to add a DVR.  I know VCR's are oudated, but as long as can purchase video tapes on sale, I can tape and keep important programs.

Catonsville, MD


Well priced DVD recorder


I don't think there is a comparable item on the market at this price point.  It works.  Automatic finalization of DVDs is much better than the complicated finalization process for DVDs recorded on the Panasonic DVD recorder that I owned before.  However, I hate the remote.  It is black on black and you can't see any of the keys unless you are in a well lit room -- not ideal while watching a movie.

New York, NY


The VCR portion of this combo is a disaster


There are many good points for this DVD combo unit, but the biggest disappointment is the poor to disasterous results when dubbing from VHS to DVD. There is a noticeable lag in voice synch, which most will agree. The other features with the DVD recorder is that it accepts and records onto Dual Layer +R DL discs !  The only bummer is that there is no S-video input only RCA from your cable box or SAT.  This is a major disappointment.  The other thing is this unit accepts a wide variety of blank discs.  -Minus and +Plus discs.  The setup is EZ,  the menu and permanent Disc Navigation Menu is very good, There is no built in fan for this hot puppy. which will only shorten its life.   The recommended DVD Recorder from Samsung is the DVDR155, it only accepts -Minus discs, but is sleek, performs very well, eliminates the VHS portion, but allows S-Video input from your Cable or SAT and delivers a far sharper image for playback.  Good picture quality. The best DVD combo system is the Toshiba D VR610 ..flawless dubbing, clear HD signals, built in fan, and no issues with either combo device.   

Colorado Springs, CO


Fast & Easy to use


We have had this dvd/vhs recorder for a few weeks now ,and I Love it! It is very easy to use and has a one touch recording button which is nice because I am technically challenged and busy and if it takes to long to figure it out I won't use it. I am currently trying to put some vhs tapes on dvd and it is soo easy .Will support CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-RAM, SVCD, DVD-R, DVD-RW, CD, Video CD

Sterling, IL


Samsung - DVD- DVD Recorder VCR Combo

3.8 4