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Samsung DV316LGS Dryer

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Equal to Commerical Quality


This dryer reminds me of the commercial dryer that I use to own. It is just super efficient. It is very quiet and has held up well to the large loads that I dry. This Samsung DV316LGS Dryer has cut down dramatically on the time it takes my clothes to dry - this not only saves me time but also saves me money. This model also came with a sweater dryer that is okay to use but seems like I waste a lot of energy drying just one or two things with the sweater dryer. I would definitely recommend this dryer.

Toledo, OH


Unreliable dryer that likes to break


This dryer is fine when it works, but don't expect that to be for a very long period of time. I bought this dryer only two years ago and it's already full of problems. I think there's something wrong with the heating unit since it takes a lot longer to dry now. It has also been incredibly loud recently for no reason.



Sleek powerful dryer, but difficult to clean lint filter.


Have not figured out how to best clean lint filter on this machine. Too deep for my vacuum attachment to reach. No problems cleaning the filter screen. Been using Timed Dry method mostly. Sometimes have to use twice to completely dry clothes. Use the lowest temperature setting and still gets pretty warm inside the tub. Overall, no functionality complaints with the machine. Works well enough for my purposes. Load Capacity Can fit more clothes in this machine than any other I've used. Performance Try to use lowest heat settings possible on most loads to keep heat bill down. In turn, I end up having to dry some loads, especially large ones, twice for an hour each. Has not destroyed any of my clothes so far. Ease of Use Settings are easy to understand and set. The extra features make this The My Cycle setting makes your favorite cycle easier to access. Just press My Cycle then Start. The Signal feature lets you know when it's done so you don't waste precious clothes drying time wondering if they're done or not. Durability No maintenance issues to report. Have owned the machine for 5 years and still running strong. Design Can sit next to washer or on top. Ours is on top and is still easy to access. I'm 5'1, so that's a testament to this machine. Would recommend even for small spaces. Mine is in a laundry closet.



Samsung DV316LGS Dryer

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