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Samsung Cell Phone

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works good for the price


My samsung phone has been perfect for me. It has a clear sound annd it was fairly inexpensive. My phone takes clear picures and has text messaging. My 11 year old daughter wanted me to get her a phone exactly like mine because she loves it and so do I. I have not had a problem with it and I've had it for over a year.  Angie K

Covington, GA


Perfect for basic users like me


When I decided to switch carriers -- I wanted to actually be able to receive a call in my apartment, go figure! -- I told my daughter I just wanted something basic. (She was kind enough to do the research for me, since she and her husband were in the family plan.) What she came up with was this phone, and it has been perfectly suited to my needs.  I had this plan because I was a resident manager when I bought it. I have since stopped doing that, but have still found this cell phone very useful. I've been traveling a lot lately, and no matter if I'm in New Jersey or Alaska, my friends and family can reach me.  I don't fuss with things like texting or surfing the Internet on my phone. I have a laptop for that, and there's really no message that can't wait until I'm back by a computer. (If there is, I'll just, gasp, use the cell phone to call the person!) This is a great, basic phone. It folds, so there's no accidental dialing if you shift in your seat. It's durable (I tend to drop things) and I haven't had any malfunctions or signal problems since I got it, which was nearly two years ago. If you're interested in texting regularly, you're probably looking at the wrong product. But if you just need a sturdy, no-frills phone to make and receive calls, this is perfect.

Seattle, WA


The Samsung cellphone is a compact yet effective phone.


I purchased my Samsung about two years ago and did not realize the various features it has. There are some features on the phone I don't know how to operate (MP3 player); however, I am able to use most of the features.  As I look at the iphone and the Storm2, I am thinking I need a more up to date phone, but I have grown accustomed to this phone.  The Samsung has bluetooth capacity so when I am driving, the telephone conversations come through the car's speakers.  That helps me focus on the road and I don't have to hold the phone in hand or have to worry about the bluetooth staying in my ear.  I do have some problems with the phone.  Because the screen is so small, I can't get effective pictures. I also wish that I had the QWERTY keyboard.  When I text my family and friends it takes me awhile to type out my message. The keys are also small and close together I make frequent mstakes.  Overall, I enjoy my phone and I don't plan toget a new one any time soon.

Catonsville, MD




We recently purchased the Samsung SGH-A747 for my husband and myself. My husband was the instigator and I am so glad. We are quite happy with them, ease of use and sound clarity is quite good. A good value, especially with the rebate.

Roseville, MI


Samsung Cell Phone

4.5 4