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Samsung Cell Phone

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It was cheap - and not even worth the little I paid for it.


When my kids broke my cheap Nokia phone, I didn't want to have to sign a new 2-year contract to upgrade my phone, so I found out that I could just buy a cheap AT&T go phone at the store and put my SIM card into it. I thought this would be a simple and easy short-term solution while my contract finished up and I could switch to a different character. It didn't work out so well. From the minute I first used the Samsung SGH-a107 (AT&T go phone) the reception was horrible. My old Nokia had been having some issues with reception and cutting out before it got broken totally, but the Samsung (brand new) was even worse. Everyone I called complained of my cutting in and out almost every other word. It got so bad over the couse of a week that I could hardly finish a conversation and began to use my husband's phone as much as possible. I finally gave up and thought of a better solution, which was to use my husband's old Nokia instead, and so far its worked like a charm. The Samsung isn't even worth trying to find someone who would want to buy it from me, because it is really bad. I would not recommend this to anyone except to a child as a toy.

Post Falls, ID


Samsung Cell Phone

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