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Samsung - Cell Phone

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great phone


i've had this phone for about three weeks now with no complaints at all. i love it! it's definitely an upgrade to my previous phone. i love the full keyboard because i'm a text addict. the ringers are loud.. which i love because i usually always miss calls because it's not loud enough when it rings. i can hear great when i'm on the phone regularly or on speaker phone. the video is good, the pictures are good. the screen is good sized so if i'm browsing on the internet i'm not going blind trying to see the small font. it also has gps which is great for me because i always get lost. it's a little heavy but that's also something that i like in a phone because i always drop them when they're too light. considering all the functions and stuff that it has, the price wasn't too bad. i'm hoping that it continues to stand up and be a great phone. as of right now i'd for sure recommend this phone to anybody! Battery Life The battery life is by far my favorite thing about this phone. I charge my phone maybe every 3 days at most! AND i use it a lot of texting and taking photos. Durability I've dropped my phone on cement more times than I can count and it's still holding up great. My husband has the same phone and he actually got in the pool with it in his pocket and it still works!

Greer, SC


Nice phone.


My sister got this phone about a year and a half ago.  She really liked it at was great for talking and for texting a little bit.  She didn't have unlimited texting though, until recently.  When she got unlimited texting and started texting a lot, the phone started sticking a lot more.  The buttons sometimes don't work anymore and she gets really frusterated when the whole phone shuts down when she, in her own words, "texts too fast".  It doesn't have a full keyboard, so heavy texters probably wouldn't like it as their first choice of a phone.  It has a decent camera, somewhat blurry at times, but it is very decent.  It also has a pretty low storage capability.  My sister has to continually delete texts because her message inbox is full, and she doesn't have very many texts in it.  I think this phone is a good phone for younger people who don't text very often, but want contact with their parents and friends occasionally.

Big Lake, MN


A great phone for those that can't have a Blackberry or iPhone


I just got this phone the other week to replace my now messed up iPhone. It is so beautiful! For people on the prepaid T-Mobile plan, you can switch to Sidekick and get all the nice unlimited texting, but the t-zones/web2go won't still work. But for those on a regular plan, this is like the nicest phone you can get that's not so much low-end, but has a lot of low-end characteristics. I think that for me, the QWERTY keyboard, camera, video camera, and applications have made it a phone that's good for me. I'm still looking to add applications, have found some, but am still working on getting them on the phone. Yes, there are those types of limitations on it. The fact that it had a music player built in was a factor that really drew me to it, since I was coming from an iPhone. For fashionable people, this is a good phone as it's small, sleek, and looks beautiful the way it is. Very much one for the productive type that writes a lot of e-mail, wants to go online, and write messages to their buddies.

The Colony, TX


Samsung - Cell Phone

4.3 3