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Samsung Cell Phone

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Nice phone


I first purchased this phone because I wanted the television portion. All works well. I have since, however, stopped using internet and television because of cost. The phone's size is nice - fits in your pocket with no problem. There are problems with the connections. Overall a good phone however.


Coventry, RI


just the right size, not too thin or too thick, very stylish


The Samsung 900 with Verizon service is the best phone i have had, it has all the features you would want. Camera and video cam, bluetooth compadable, voice comands, world clock, stop watch, notepad and calculator. Sent and receive emails, text messeges. Its not to thin or too small, it feels like talking on a regular phone, fits to your ear comfortably. I love it and have nothing bad to say about this product


Fenton, MI


This is a great phone


This is a great phone.  Yu can access the internet, text,and picture text.  Thrers a camera you can also videi record.  Record memos also record phone conversations.  Down loading music is one of my favorite things.  I use my bluetooth to listen to music.o


Cleveland, OH


Great phone with a few qwirks


For all  the good features of this phone, I have three  that are particularly annoying.  If you are trying a one hand call receive attempt, the flip phone will easily flip shut and disconnect your caller.  The second one is that the camera defaults to and 'upside' down image.  Not a big deal, but why? Lastly, the charger connection has a slot cover that never, never gets out of the way for plugging in the charging connector.  The connector is difficult to plug in and easy to break.  Bad design but an overall great pocket phone that won't cramp your style.


Lincoln, CA


Samsung cell phone A900M is not as good as it should be


Samsung A900M Cell phone.  I have owned this phone for about 3 years.  I find that it is a little difficult to manage the "circle" select feature on this phone.  My finger is not that big but I find that sometimes it is touchy or not accurate when I am trying to make a selection.  An arrow type select would be easier.  Also at night or a dark area it would help to have the keypad light up.  Lots of fumbling and guesswork on the keypad at night.  Otherwise, it has been a good product.  Patty Snyder


Ellicott City, MD


samsung is awesome


i've had this phone for a while now and i've never had a problem with it. It's got shocks in the base so if you close it too hard it doesn't hurt it. the mp3 program tends to drain the battery but all in all, great phone.


Portland, OR


A durable imitation of the razor.


I have had to replace this phone twice, thank god for insurance, due to its own technical malfunctions. It is sturdy, but looks like a guy phone. I cant wait until my contract is up and I can get aeay from Sprint once and for all. The Blade phone is only worth it if it is free, and no newer cell phone models are available to you,


Canyon Country, CA


my samsung a900 has wonderful battery life


i have owned a Samsung A900 for over a year now & talk on it for several hours a day, it is my only phone.  This thing has the best battery life & I am very rough on cell phones and it keeps going.  It has fallen off a moving car, been dropped more than I can count & had water dripped on it numerous times & keeps going.  I had to get it replaced under warranty due to the tech said I had talked over 3000 hours on it & he said most people never talk that much on a cell phone.  Oh & I never turn it off unless I am resetting it.  So I would highly recommend this product to anyone.


Fort Payne, AL


Samsung A900 is a great little phone


The Samsung A900 is a slim, stylish little phone.  It has lots of features but is still easy to use.  I like that it is small, but you can still press the numbers easily.  I have found the contacts list to be a little quirky - like if you search for a number by group, you can't easily dial from there, and occasionally when a friend calls, it shows the wrong photo.  But, overall no real problems.  Long battery life.  Kind of dinky charger connection, but it still works.  Super durable.


Broken Arrow, OK


The Samsung A900 is very functional


The Samsung A900 is very fucntional and stylish.  While I find the design to be rather plain and symple compared to most phones on the market today, its design makes it more durable than most stylish phones out there.


Rocky Face, GA


Samsung Cell Phone

4.1 15