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Samsung Cell Phone

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Incoming callers sound like they're in a box.


This phone looke great and feels great.  However, the sound quality from the ear piece speaker is very poor.  My own wife and friends sound very different to me through this phone.  My wife got the same phone in our family package and she agrees about the sound quality.  We're taking the phones back to the store.  My last phone was a Samsung that sounded great but this U540 pales in comparence.


Mission Viejo, CA


SGH-U540 Cell phone is an ok starter-phone.


This cell phone is an ok starter, but for an avid texter, just not appropriate.  It has a tendency to be overloaded and restart randomly.  It is slim and light weight which is always a plus.  I have had it for almost a year and a half and still not broken it, which is a record.  The picture quality is ok, but not outstanding. 


El Paso, TX


Good phone with some small problems


I got this phone because it was a Samsung, and I love Samsung!  I have not had much of a problem with hearing other people and have not used many of the features of the phone as I am a simple person. Texting is easy to do on this phone, thought adding someone's name from the contact list to the "TO" field in the text message is a little tricky.  The phone (at least mine) only allows you to store about 40 text messages.  Another problem is the constant toggling back and forth between the "select" button and the "OK" button.  Sometimes you need to press one and then the other, and it gets confusing.  Also, as I ALWAYS have my phone in vibrate mode, the strength of the rumbling mechanism needs to be boosted.  I miss so many calls because you can barely feel it!  On my old, simpler Samsung (with a different cell phone carrier) I was able to do conference calling...I could talk to six people at once.  This phone, from what I have tried to figure out and from reading the manual, does not allow you to do that. The picture and video quality are fairly good, and a good feature is being able to input two phone numbers and e-mail addresses for each contact, along with their fax number, home number, a picture, and more.  Overall it is a good phone, but I have not thoroughly enjoyed it.


Chicago, IL


Samsung Cell Phone

2.7 3