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Samsung Cell Phone

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If you want an indestructible phone, this phone is for you!


Two years ago I renewed and got the u550 phone, then upgraded to a newer phone. My fiancée then took my phone.  It's been a reliable handy phone for him.  Samsung makes a great product (they always do).  But he put it to the destruction test one day.  He has a temper, and I really don't remember what he got mad about but he was at work.  Threw his phone down on the ground as hard as he could.  Then left it there.  Forgot about it, and because he works with loaders (tractors that pick up cars), accidentally ran over it a few times.  He was worried that it wouldn't work.  It was still alive and kickin'.  In one piece! No cracking,  or anything just some scuffing.  It still works and he's still using it!  The loader is easily well over the weight of a car, and that phone took it all! I couldn't believe it.  So, if you're looking for a phone for your kid or one that you want to last forever, get this phone.  It's been personally put to the test by a customer!Plus it has added features of a Micro SD expansion slot, and plays music as well.  All that and it's well built! I can tell you that the new fancy smart phones wouldn't last if he'd had run over one of those! 

Fort Atkinson, WI


Worst phone I have ever owned


The Samsung SCH-R430 cell phone that I own and use Alltel as a provider is the worst phone I have ever owned! I hate that I am unable to receive video messages, that I can't download games, surf the web, search for ringtones by name and I hate that it shuts off by itself constantly. If I am texting someone and I get an incoming phone call it will shut off. If I'm on the phone sometimes it just shuts off by itself with no reason (full battery). I have owned a lot of bad phones since I've been able to have one, but this one is by far the worst! I want to get a new phone but of course I have to wait til my contract allows it or pay full price for a new one. If I had the insurance on it I'd just get stuck with the same one so there's no point in doing that anyway. I liked that the camera on it seems to be a pretty good camera for a phone being so bad and that my pictures seem to turn out nicely. I also like that it's very kid friendly and hasn't gotten distroyed yet.

Sidney, MT


A basic phone that is better than the more expensive brands.


This phone is sooo much better than the more expensive brands available. Virtually indestructable and easy to use, I got this phone free with a 2-year contract with Verizon Wireless. All of the basic functions are on this phone, including alarm clock, texting, camera, video, notepad, among other things. It is a flip-phone, but not a flimsy type that will break easily. Personally, I tried to use the new Chocolate and the Razr but found this phone easier to navigate. The screen is kinda fuzzy is comparison to the more expensive phones, so those looking for great picture quality might not appreciate it so much and should dish out a little more dough to get more pixels. Yet, for me, the indestructability of this phone outweighs the "benefits" of tech-savvy phones.  I have no need for internet access on my basic phone, yet I need a phone that won't break or crack if I drop it on the ground. THIS is that phone.

Newnan, GA


Samsung Cell Phone

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