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Samsung - Cell Phone

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not bad


So I received this phone about a week ago and all I can say I got what I expected. its not bad. When i first unwrapped the phone I noticed the shiny glossy of it. It also has a hug 2.3 inch screen. Before I had the crappy virgin mobile jax. Now I'm not ashamed to take this phone out. ANother good this is the battery life. You can get about 3 hours of talk time and a seeminly infinite amount if you just text message on it, Another good this is its a slide phone so it feels cool to close it but that is about it for the positives. The bad part of the phone is the buttons for texting are kind of small so if you have small hand it won't be a problem but for bigger hands it can be a pain to text the simpliest of messages. Another bad this is if you take the plastic off the cover it can get scratced easily and no one wants a scratched phone. Overall the virgin mobile slash is a decent phone and I would recommend it to anybody!

Spring Hill, KS


Virgin Mobile slash is a good phone for an infrequent user


I recently bought the Slash to replace my old Virgin Mobile phone.  I like Virgin Mobile because it's a pay as you go service (for the most part, I think they have monthly packages too) and I'm not a big phone user. I like the Slash.  It looks cool, the slider function is nice, it's just the right size and weight, and it has a camera.  You can download some cool games if you want and my kids like to play them.  You can also download ringtones of popular songs.  It's very easy to use and I like the full color screen.  It's a lot better than the Virgin Mobile phone I used to use which was so cheap looking. I'm only giving it 3 stars though because maybe it's just me, but sometimes, not all the time, I can't hear others very well on this phone.  The people on the other end tell me I sound great though.  I also hate, hate, hate the Virgin Mobile customer service people whenever I have to call with a problem.  They are SO annoying and try to be so hip and perky and yet they don't know what they're doing.  For that reason I almost didn't get another VM phone, but the price is right for me. If you want a Virgin Mobile phone, try the Slash. 

Brooklyn, NY


Great slider phone for an affordable price.


Most prepaid phones are boring and do not offer much other than use of a cell phone. Virgin mobile offers several different phones for their prepaid service. I just recently purchased the Samsung Slash and I love it. It has a camera and is capable of browsing the web, downloading ringtones and graphics and text messaging at an affordable rate. 2 thumbs up!

Wellston, MI


Samsung - Cell Phone

3.7 3