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Samsung Cell Phone

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Lasts through so many falls


This phone has lasted for about 4 years in my family. It has gone through so many drops and it's still in good condition. Texting is easy and finding things on the phone is easy especially network services. Good for calls as well is light and is a little bulky but can still fit in my pocket.

Berkeley, CA


Samsung A117 just met the requirements


We all love phones dont we...especially teenagers we are known for always having our mobile phones at hand with us no matter where we go... New phones is what i like seeing..and i like updating myself as often as possible.. Samsung and many other brands have regularily met my expectations each time they announce an arrival of a new product... However when the Samsung A117 came out...i wasnt so enthusiastic about it however, i decided to get one..I feel like i paid sooo much for sooo little.. It is like a normal phone with a bit of a touch hear and there.. It has basic features that come along with it. Good thing is that it has 3 way calling along with the Quatery keypad making texting easir and fast. This phone feels like it was trying tooo hard to copy its competition..blackberry. Interesting enough i liked it despite all the negativity i felt towards it.Like the slick black color it comes with....It has low memory and no external memory card..if you're a person of storing pictures and other things on your phone then this phone aint for you.. It has a good camera fortunately along with great sound output.. It's not so can learn how to like it i suppose..i know i sure wont mind having it again

Conway, AR


Nice basic phone


This phone is a nice phone for those who want just a phone without any games and other stuff. Battery life is excellent, nice design, good buttons. Menu could be improved, you need to go through a lot of menu's before you find what you want. The only big disadvantage: the back lid comes off really easy so also the battery.

Avon Lake, OH


There has to be something better


This phone is bound to get water damage if you live in a humid area or something of that matter. There is a white dot on the back and the company says it's not under warranty when it has water damage. I just got my replacement phone from the last one with water damage so the company said and turns out they replaced it with this same phone and.... 2 weeks later after checking it everyday the white dot has turned pink indicating water damage though I specifically was careful and checked it daily on purpose. Don't ask me why this phone is so sensitive but several people tell me they have problems when they call me with static and such. Oddly enough this is the better phone I've had despite the problems it does have.I know it's hard to find a good cell phone and I wish I knew if there was a better one out there.

Austin, TX


Samsung Cell Phone

3.5 4