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Samsung Cell Phone

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This Samsung phone could definitely be better!


This Samsung phone could be better. The reception is scetchy. It will drop calls at the most odd times. you could have perfect signal and the next thing you know your talking to yourself. I text quite a bit and I even have trouble with that at times. I'll have texts that will not come through. Then I will have some texts that it will reject. I've missed several texts because of this. I also have trouble out of the key pad as well. At times it's like it's not receiving the buttons I push. Then at other times it will get way ahead of me it seems. The service is ok but I believe it would be better with a better phone. The rest of the phone is ok. The over all usage is ok. I can navigate the menu and things pretty easy. That is important to me. I can understand the menu easier than I can on a lot of other phones. I like the memory storage. It does hold quite a bit on the phone. The battery is another story though. The life of the battery is very short. My phone has went dead on me plenty of times after being fully charged. The usage was not that much either. Not enough to warrant the battery going dead.

Kingsport, TN


Samsung M320 has quirks, but is a decent phone for the cost


The Samsung M320 is a flip style phone with a camera.  There are two screens - the call screen when the phone is flipped open and the external screen that displays the time and caller ID when a call is received.  The camera is decent, although a bit slow.  I appreciate that you can make one of your pictures the background for both screens.  I've had the Samsung M320 for a few months and have noticed a few quirks.  It seems to have a hard time with reception when it is really cloudy (but not raining) and around sunset.  I am on the same network with my old phone, so I don't think it is the network.  Occasionally the caller ID is wrong - telling me it is one of my contacts when it is actually a different contact.  Sometimes I am told I have a missed call hours or even a day after the call was made (and have used the phone in the meantime).  I also appreciate that the phone seems to have a good battery life - especially if on power save mode, and that the screen does not light up while charging to save energy.  I am tough on my phone and drop it on a regular basis.  Although the front is scratched a bit, it has held up very well to being dropped from several feet onto concrete multiple times.  There have been no functional problems from it being dropped.  Overall, this is a perfectly good phone for a low price (mine was free with my plan).  It isn't fancy, but it gets the job done with a few quirks.

New Orleans, LA


My Samsung - Cobra M320 Burgundy Red Cell Phone annoys me


I got my Samsung - Cobra M320 Burgundy Red Cell Phone for free on rebate.  I thought it was a good deal at the time, but I discovered there were several things about the phone that annoyed me.  First and foremost, when I answer the phone and put it up to my ear, it continues ringing for a second right into my ear.  Extremely annoying!  The phone should quit ringing as soon as it's opened.  Secondly, with my Razor I was able to hit the letter of the person I wanted to call and if they were first on the list, I could immediately hit send and it would call them.  For example, when calling my husband, Bobby, I would go to contacts, hit the "2" key twice and immediately hit send.  With this phone, I can't do that.  I have to wait for the name to pop up before I can hit send.  It's like this phone is a less-advanced version of my other one.  I wouldn't recommend it for anyone.  I'm a little disappointed that I'm stuck with it for 2 years.  I would have gotten something else if I had known how annoying it was going to be. 

Saint Paul, MN


Samsung Cell Phone

2.7 3