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Samsung Cell Phone

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samsung has sang its last song in my world


ok i have had alot of phones ion my day starting with tmobiles motorolla t-150 best phone i ever had i have had semiens phones,sony phones, nokia,motorolla phones and samsung phones ecept for my nokias and motorllas all of them have been garbage but this one in pirticular has done nothing but give me problems between not receiving calls, text messages or anything to dropping calls, starting to dial next moment i have no network covrage and didnt leave where i was when i started the call   if your intrested ina  headache the size of manhattan this is the phone for you if your intrested in reliability and quality without all the bells and whistles our screwed!!!! i strongly sugguest going with a motoralla,sony or nokia always within a matter of 24 hours of having the phone the back was lost and when i called my carrier they said we no longer carry that model phone so couldnt get the part i needed either so now its on to the next phone wish me luck

Murfreesboro, TN


The Samsung-SGH-T819 has worked very well.


I have had the Samsung SGH-T819 for several months now and like it pretty well.  There are times that the person I am talking to sounds like they are in a tunnel or underwater.  I almost took the phone back because I had trouble hearing people but either I am talking to people that speak more clearly or I have just gotten used to that sound. 

Houston, TX


Not very practical


I purchased this phone thinking that it would be great for taking pictures and recording video clips to email friends and family.  I soon realized that this Samsung slider-camera phone was not what I had hoped it would bewhen I purchased it from the T-mobile retail store.  The camera takes crappy photos that are always blurry and the other features the phone had were not anything that impressed me more than compared to the other cell phones that T-mobile had on sale at the retail store.  I was pretty disappointed with this Samsung sgh-t819 model cell phone and didn't continue to use T-mobile wireless cell phone services for more than a few months after purchasing the phone - just because they had me in the 2 year contract - FLEX-pay agreement.  I wasn't really able to do the things I had wanted to do with the cell phone that I had wanted to do with it in the first place and the return policy from T-mobile was only within the first 14 days they would exchange the phone or return it.

Las Vegas, NV


The Samsung SGH-T819 is a great phone for the budget minded.


The **Samsung SGH-T819** is a great sliding screen phone for the budget minded consumer. I have been with T-Mobile for several years and when I can I take advantage of the phone upgrades that they offer (with the extension of the service contract). I do not like to pay for cell phones but I love to get them with a rebate offer or for free if possible. This phone is very simple and does not have all the bells and whistles that many touch screen phones have...and I like that! All I want is to take pictures of my daughter, make calls and text my friends...that is it. And that is what I am able to do well with this phone. Also, it has a stylish coffee brown color and a sliding screen feature. I prefer the sliding screen feature over a flip phone design because I have had the hinges on flip phones break and crack in the past. I would encourage anyone who wants a simple and cost effective phone to check this one out at T-Mobile.

Meridian, ID


Great slider phone with all the extra features I needed.


My previous phone (the T-809) survived a house fire and worked. Therefore, I have a strong belief in Samsung and their phones. Even though I didn't want to switch phone models, I am very happy with my current phone. Easy to navigate and great battery life.

Saint Joseph, MO


Great for anyone who wants everything in one phone!


After I got my new cellphone, I loved it! The SGH-T819 is designed for easy use. With the push of your thumb it slides right up for easier access to dial and text much faster. The quality of the pictures are great along with the videos. This can be a great phone for someone who has bad vision because the font is extremely big. The keypad are easy to use too. Unlike other phones with 'button' like keypads, the SGH-t819 has a flat keypad and is easy to dial and text. Overall I suggest this phone to anyone who enjoys having everything in one phone.

Santa Clara, CA


Samsung Cell Phone

3.5 6