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Samsung Cell Phone

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It's an average phone.


I like it's flip design. It has a calendar, stopwatch, timer, and external antennae. It is a camera phone, but the resolution is bad and the mp is very low. It has text messaging, but it doesn't allow mobile banking.

Gadsden, AL


This phone would be better if it had a speaker phone


This particular phone does take excellent videos and pictures. However, unless you have put the camera on the option menu it is hard to find and access. By the time you do access the camera the moment is lost forever in time. We switched to these phones because we were having trouble hearing on our other phones. These phones have a clear distinctive listening quality. However, when you listen to music ther is no place to hook in a set of headphones.

Kempner, TX


Samsung d407 - Not worth it, stay away


I have used a Samsung d407 for two years now.  There are 2 major problems with this phone that make it a lousy phone. 1) There is no way to get the phone to display EITHER the address (contact) list in the phone OR the address list on the SIM card.  For safety reasons your contact list should always be stored on the SIM card so you still have it when the phone dies, but the phone requires that contacts be stored in the phone to assisgn graphics, alerts, ringtones, etc to different contacts. But, when you have contacts stored on the SIM card and you copy them to the phone so use the advanced settings this stupid phone displays every contact twice when you do to the address book to make a call.   2) There is no way to disable the voice-activated calling, and it turns itself on all the time without your knowledge when the phone is in your pocket/purse and one of the side buttons is accidently pushed.  This stupid phone will call someone from your contact list at random, allowing them to hear everything going on around you, completely without your knowledge. Signed: Very dissapointed Samsung owner.

Shawnee, OK


Bought the samsung d407 cell 3 years ago and still use it today.


The samsung d407 cell phone is one of the best purchases i have ever made.  I've dropped the phone several time, into the street and snow but it has never stopped working.  The battery life is supreme lasting up to 2 days without a charge.  Loud ringer and powerful vibration function easily let you know when you are being called.  The extra feture of alarm clock and web browser just seek to better the already triumphat workability of this little piece of technology.

Fairmont, WV


I wish they would make more of this model of phone!


I have had this phone for 2 years and I would recommend it to anyone! I LOVE it! it has so many features! I have even gotten it wet a couple of times and it never qiuit working. I love this phone and I wish Samsung would make another one just like it. When this one croaks, I will be very disappointed.  

Fillmore, IN


Samsung Cell Phone

3.2 5