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Samsung Cell Phone

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everything you need on average day


samsung t439 is everything you need on an average day. calling, texting is easy and so is having fun. stay in touch with friends, listen to music, take pictures, and much more. Texting is easy too. samsung t439 is not that ugly either. its black with blue highlights. wow. tmobile carries this model and many other choices.


Tracy, CA


The samsung t439 is OK!


Samsung T439 has everything you'll need for your average day. His phone can take pictures, record videos, listen to music,text message, organize, and much more. The only thing i don't like about this phone is that it isnt fancy in any way. the black color is fine and the blue highlights are better but i would love a phone that is pink and can slide.


Tracy, CA


Worst cell phone I've ever owned


After having a Motorola phone for several years, I decided to do the upgrade that my provider suggested. This Samsung T439 looks great and seemed to have the features that I wanted. However, after I have used it for a few weeks, I want to throw it in the river. This phone has all the features, IF YOU CAN FIND THEM! It took me nearly half an hour just to find the alarm clock. Too much select, select, select, select, etc., you get the idea.Another problem I have had is no signal, which was never a problem with the old phone. I contacted my provider and was told that I need to turn it off a few times daily to allow the phone to update. When I questioned them about why this never happened with my old phone, they couldn't provide an answer.I have another year and a half to complete my contract, and I will not go back to Samsung, in fact, I may change providers as they don't really seem to be helping the situation to my satisfaction.


Bristol, CT


This is a versatile and affordable phone with lots of style.


 I got this Samsung T439 from T-Mobile for free and it is amazing. It's a flip phone with a slickness and has great sound quality. It has an mp3 player but I use my phone for pix and videos....which is awesome. There's a slot for more memory and cool features like voice commands. I think the only negative I have for this phone is that the key pad is flush, so texting is a bit harder in a pinch....can't do it while I drive. LOL  The front has a hidden display...which means it doesn't look like a screen until you get a call or open the flip. There are neat graphics and long battery life....everything a gal needs to look smooth, be different, (all my friends have Razrs....), and have a dependable phone with perks. The bluetooth capability keeps my hands free and my drive worry free. I'm sure my husband feels this phone makes him rest easier. I love this phone.


East Chicago, IN


Samsung Cell Phone

3.0 4