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Samsung Cell Phone

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My samsung-sch-r500 has a few quirks I've learned to live with .


I had trouble with this phone before I left the store with it.  When I went to locate a name,  for instance, Bill, the phone would not let you type in the name.  It would only let you type in the letter A.  You have to scroll down to the name and number you need.  I told the sales person about it before I left the store, she explained all my information had been programed into the phone, so I would have to pay the exchange fee to get a new or different phone.  Some of my family has this same type of phone and there phone does the same thing at times.  Another thing I had a difficult time getting used to was the volume.  It is difficult for me to hear on at times.  This phone is a sturdy and tuff phone.  I've accidentally dropped it a few times and it is still working.

Sparta, MO


The samsung R500 is the best phone I have ever had!


The samsung R500 is a wonderful phone. Small and compact. Appelling to the eye. Although there is one thing I dont like which is that u have to buy all your ringtones and cant use the ones you have on your memory card or saved in your sounds.

Rockingham, NC


Just good for calling


The Samsung SCH R500 Hue isn't anything special. It does have GPS capability but the reception to satellites suck. There are no preloaded games. The caculator has alot to be desired. The "web browser" is very limited in its capabilities. The only thing it is good for is just to make calls and the price. 

Pandora, OH


Samsung Cell Phone

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