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Samsung - Cell Phone

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Great Functionality but construction kind of sucks


I was excited to get this phone back in July.  I got the pink version, I'm a girl, we have to have pink.  So after just 3 months of use the exterior buttons quit working! I took the phone back to the store where I got it and they "repaired" the problem.  The same thing ended up happening again just a few weeks later so they ended up replacing the phone.  Well I got the new one and low and behold..the exterior buttons have quit working again.  I'm kind of frustrated with the quality of this phone so far.  I haven't dropped it or banged it up in any way so I don't know why I am having this bad luck.  Also I notice that with both the phones, I am constantly going in and out of service.  That is kind of a bummer, annoying when you are trying to make an important call.  Overall though I like the set up of the phone with the menu and whatnot.  It's easy to use.  Nice clear screen and the sound is loud..which is a plus because I am deaf in one ear.  The only downside is the quality of the construction.  If you buy this phone make sure you buy the insurance plan!

Lees Summit, MO


Best phone I have ever owned.


I bought My phone about 2 years ago.  I have never had any issues with it.  It has features that allow Me to do basically whatever I want with it (take pics and send straight online, yahoo messanger, easy to use text features, etc.)

Franklin, OH


Pretty color and works wonderful


This phone comes in two colors hot pink or black. It attracted me for two reasons it came in hot pick (yes i am a girl) and it was free. When I got the phone I didnt expect it to well do what other phones did like the rumor or blackberry. I loved how the color looked. You can make a video and use it as a ring town which it cool. The phone also takes very good pictures my friend has a rumor and she said my phone takes better pictures. When you listen to music the sound is extrodinary and very clear. It gets good signal in places that other phones dont get signal. There are a bunch of cool different features on the phone. It has not once frozen up on me and I have a lot of pictures on there so that is a big shocker. The screen is very bright so it is easy to read information on it and it has a flat keypad. Texting is very easy if you put it on T9 word it knows most words and it is a lot faster when texting. It may be a free phone but it is a great phone. I would recommend this phone to anyone who is looking to buy one

Tampa, FL


I think this version is jinxed!


From the first day I turned on my Samsung M510, it started giving me problems. For the first few months, it couldn't tell time. I use my cell phone as an alarm clock, and several times the phone would switch from Central Time to Eastern time, then back to Central Time, meticulously and dubiously avoiding my alarm hour and making me late! I thought it was just my lot and tried to work around it, but then it started shutting off on its own in the middle of conversations. I'd be getting the juicy details on my favorite show from my best girl friend and the next thing I know my phone's shutting off! I checked the battery, I took the stupid thing to the store, but of course, they couldn't diagnose the problem because I couldn't recreate it. Sure it did it before, but since my phone was behaving now, there was nothing they could do...incompetence. But anyway, I finally got tired of it when it stopped charging and took it to the store, demanding bravely that I wanted a new phone (whilst I hid behind my saavy and persuasive husband!) So they gave me a new phone. Well, it was the same phone, but new to me, so I thought cool! It was pink! That phone was fine for about a month before it started doing the same thing, shutting off on its own, not charging, etc. It got so bad that they couldn't get the phone to shut on and stay on, so they gave me a new one -again. Unfortunately, they couldn't save my contacts, so I lost everything (That's how they get you to purchase wireless backup. They tell you they can't recover and make you miserable with the thought of re-entering 300 phone contacts). So I'm on phone three now, and hoping that by the time my contract ends these people will get a clue and give me a better phone. Stop giving me the same crappy phone!

Bronx, NY


Easy and simple, gets the job done!


Samsung - 510 Cell Phone:  I wanted a phone without all the gadgets and glitz, just something to get the calling done and which the texting was easy.  This does the job and was very affordable.  It also includes a digital camera, which is good on a rare basis when you want a camera around.  Also has add-ons such as a blue-tooth and such, but again, if your just looking for a simple phone with the basics, this will work just fine!

Allison Park, PA


Sleek and beautiful


The sleek and beautiful phoen my samsung will surely please your eyes and ears. Sound quality is A+++, the phone is beautiful, and the price is right at 99.99. THe phone boasts a 0.3 mp camera, an mp3 player, a micro SD card, and bluetooth. THe mp3 player is not that great, but the camera does take beautiful pictures.   WTG SAMSUNG!

Beverly Hills, CA


Excellent cell phone, I love the purple one, very tough !


Samgung M510 is an excellent cell phone, I love the purple one, very tough and durable, it comes, like most of cell phone, with a lot of funtions, the quality of the little camera is awesome, very recommendable :)

Acme, WA


Samsung - Cell Phone

3.6 7