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Samsung - Cell Phone

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love it: can throw it against a wall & it will still love u back


The only annoying thing about this phone, is when the battery is low, it constantly brings up this reminder that the battery is low; the backlight lights up each time and runs the battery down even more!  You need to be able to charge it at the end of the day, as the battery runs out quickly...and because of the backlight problem...when it goes low, it goes fast!!


Sacramento, CA


Small and good service


Love the size of the phone and lots of the "bells and whistles." The size is great, fits in a pocket and even the smallest purses.  I love that you can download content, easily text and IM and assign ring tones to individual callers. Two problems I've found:  sometimes I have trouble hearing the person on the other end and sometimes they hear a lot of static but it's fine for me. 


Charlotte, NC


This samsung t629 is outdated- i need something newer


Okay so this phone, bought about 1 year ago, works great and performs all the necessary functions that a phone should perform. For example, it has texting compatibility, gaming, an mp3 player, an organizer with an alarm, calendar, calaculator, unit converter, etc... Furthermore, it is internet capable and is IM ready. It has speakerphone and is bluetooth ready, which is important in a time where cell phone use is so highly restricted in cars. Additionalcapablilities of the phone include a 1.3 megapixel camera and the ability to store photos and take short videos as well. The downside iof this particular phone is that it is a year old, which is old in comparison to the new technology they are coming out with these days with regard to phones and computers, For example, it looks ancient in comparison to the apple iphone, which has a touch screen, a built in ipod, the ability to download applications, both free and paid. The ability to click on a button and find anything you might want withing seconds. Even the G1 from google has these features and more and more companiesare coming out with these technologies which ius making the T629 outdated.


Ontario, CA


SAMSUNG T629 is a good reliable phone!


SAMSUNG T629 I got this phone awhile back and it is a great phone! It is very reabile and sturdy. I have dropped it a few times and it still works great.! Samsung is a good ONE! It is very awesome! There is a slot at the side that alows you to insert a micro sd card. Its so fun to play. You play games listen to music and do the texting. It has the blutooth and the green one too! It da cool phone with all the number sliding down! so funny! i love it so much you should buy it. it was fREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! no monies i bought this phone for frees. i happy boy! The phone has 1.3 megapixel camera! The phone is a slider wich i like. The phone is small and light. Fits in pokcet very goood. 3 alarm settings for the alarm clock! Works Great! Use It everyday! WAke me up! Good One! Volume is Good to me! Very nice! Bateary last a pretty long time ! Very goood! It is a very fun phone! and i would recommend it! It is the goood one!


Monterey Park, CA


the t630 is a good phone for a decent price


the phone is a good bargain phone. it has mp3 and all the basi features and is a great phone for someone who wants some technology but isn't exactly savvy. its the basic has interchangeable cases so you can change the covers at your whim. its slim so not overly bulky . it is made of plastic which is good however the downside is that it can't take a lot of dropping. the everyday wear and tear definitely affects this phone. hwoever if you need to buy a phone in emergency circumstances because yours break and you don't have alot of money this is the one to go for. it has a camera which takes decent pictures hwoever the quality isn't crystal clear. my final review is you get what you pay for and the t630 is a basic phone at a  bargain price so don't expect the best of the best.


Paterson, NJ


good phone for the money


Samsung t629 cell phone. Its a good phone for the price. It has a pretty good camera, voice activation, and the best part is when Im on the way up to the cabin and I want to see what the weather is going to be it takes 2 minutes to find out. Great option for me- who has time to watch the weather or the depressing news?


Isanti, MN


One awesome phone


This cell phone is the best one I have had. It has a mp3 player. Lots of memory and if you run out of memory it has a slot for a mini sd card. It has an automatic lock when it is closed. It has voice recognition. Bluetooth compatible. Very durable. I have dropped mine a few times never broke or cracked screen. I highly recommend this Samsung t-629.


York, PA


Horrible PHONE!!


My parents and I have this cell phone. We have had so much trouble with it we had to call in and replace before the year warranty. We take good care of things and this phone is just not built strong and accurate enough. Has cool features but it is not reliable!


Houston, TX


Awesome phone!


I think this is a very awesome phone because it carries many features that are essential for everyday living. I have my phone for over a year now and I still love it. It works great.**Pros: **Music player, 1.3 megapixel camera, micro SD slot, calculator, timer, calendar, world time, unit conversion, and stopwatch.**Cons: **Sometimes the alarm does not work, sometimes vibrate mode does not work, sometimes the light stay on all day without shutting off when the phone is not in use, and voice recognition does not work that well. I have my phone for over a year now and I still love it. I think it works great despite some minor faulty designs. ^__^


Wichita, KS


hello, hello, can you repeat that


Ok, I love this little gadget  and my only complaint is the volume on my calls.  The volume only goes up to 5 and I seem to just need more.  I've had other phones but this one seems to need more of a volume boost.  Also, every now and then the phone will freeze while i'm dialing or just messing around with it.  The only option is to take the battery out and restart the phone.  Well, other than that its a great phone.  Its a cool little slider phone and it looks kinda cool. The blue tooth works ok.  The camera takes decent pics and it has pretty templates you can put around your pics. 


Richmond, VA


Samsung - Cell Phone

3.5 16