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Samsung - Cell Phone

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Has everything I need without confusing me.


I love this phone because of all the things it has on it. From a camera, to the internet, an alarm, online games, plenty of room for contacts, text messaging, calculator, daily planner, on demand, lots of room to store pictures, music, downloadable ringtones. It has all that I need and want in a phone, but doesnt confuse me in any way!

Killeen, TX


This phone is well made and user-friendly.


I have been using the Samsung 500 for the past three months, and I think it's a great phone for making and receiving calls and for texting.  Because I do not know a great deal about technology, I went to the Sprint store in my hometown and looked for a phone that would not only be dependable but would also be easy to operate.  I have no trouble navigating from one function of the phone to another.  The phone has Blue Tooth capability and Web access.  It can also be operated by voice command.  It has a world clock and a calculator, together with the capacity for downloads from the Spring Music Store.  I highly recommend it to anyone who is in need of a user-friendly phone that combines a lightweight design with all of the features that are necessay for text messaging and calling.        

Joplin, MO


Pretty good


The Samsung - M500 Cell Phone is a great slim flip-phone with nice big buttons and a large screen. Love how the buttons are so easy to see and press and I love how nice the pictures from the camera phone come out

Salt Lake City, UT


Samsung 500 is a great all purpose phone


I bought this phone for my 8 year old son. It is easy to use and has great features like a camera. I asked when bought it if it had parental controls and was told yes which was untrue. So if you are looking for a phone for a child and want to have control over outgoing and incoming calls this is not the phone for you.

Elgin, TX


Not Fancy Schmancy


I got this phone almost 2 yrs now. It work ok user friendly. But why 2 stars, Well we got problem about battery. After fully charge , one day it's decide to turn off itself as low battery and since then it keep doing that turn it off last low battery again. after do that couple time it decide not to turn on anymore and I went to the store. and they have to replace it oh! worse than that all the information in the phone is lost for good. At first we thought it was our electric outlet at the house that fried the battery but apparently wasn't since my husband got the same phone and he normally charging his phone at work and i did the same thing. so we both got the same replacement phone. And right now when i wrote this i think one of our phone start acting the same. Suck!!

Saint Peters, MO


This Samsung Phone has had a rough time and is still going on.


I have had this amsung M500 phone for over a year it has fallen once and again and will probably keep on falling.  It has a camera and video camcorder, it is also gps enabled and an mp3 player with a microSd card for more memory space.  It is a great phone.

Rio Grande City, TX


I want more free ringtones on my Samsung-M500 Cell Phone


  My Samsung-M500 Cell phone is pretty A.O.K. for what we are paying each month. As long as we don't use texting, download ringtones, or sending pictures from my phone, we are pretty much satisfied with it.

Sterling Heights, MI


Decent, stylish phone that could use better features.


This is a pretty good phone.  It's sleek, stylish and overall pretty reliable.  Some of its features include digital camera and camcorder (no zoom though), media player, memory card slot, etc. Battery life is average, but you can buy an extended battery fairly cheap online.  The keypad is recessed so it is a little difficult to dial or text message, especially if you have big fingers.  The phone does have some nice features and will perform well, but I might consider other options first.

Aventura, FL


Samsung - Cell Phone

3.6 8