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Samsung Captivate i897 Cell Phone - Unlocked (32 GB) Cell Phone

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Aveage phone. Not a lot of pros.


Overall, not a bad product! Still, if you are a huge fan of games and apps, I won't recommend it because the Windows Store is not as good as Google Play. I owned an android for 2 years and would definitely recommend it. The voice quality is not great and the camera is not that powerful. The picture quality is horrible. The only good thing about it is the battery life and the fact that the phone charges quickly. The design isn't great, but it's OK. If you are a fan of fancy phones with lots of features, this model is not for you. Performance Average, I would say. The phone can be really slow sometimes. When low on battery, there are some weird sounds which you're not able to change. Voice Quality This is one of the worst things in this phone. Also, there are some sound effects which are not changeable and are really, really annoying. Battery Life Battery life is the only pro this phone has. It usually lasts for 6-7 hours. The phone charges quickly.



Samsung Captivate


I had this phone for several months before I ended up getting an upgrade on my plan. I gave it to my cousin who used it for almost another two years. I would say it's a very reliable phone. She had dropped it several times and it received nothing but cosmetic damage. The rest of the phone still worked like new. I was impressed with the camera on this phone because when it came out, it was like a really big thing. No one else really had a camera that great at that period in time. I'm pretty sure they were starting to come out with front facing cameras on other phones at the time so that was kind of a con for me. The new phone I ended up getting had a front facing camera. Overall, I would say this phone lasts for nearly a lifetime and is durable to kids and teenagers. I would recommend it as a first phone or even just a temporary one. It is pretty outdated nowadays but it really is a nice device.



old but great quality.


Ive had this phone for about three years now. this phone is a very reliable phone but sometimes does lag because the operating system is no longer really up to date. i really enjoyed using this phone though and its camera quality for its age is amazing. the only problem about this phone is that there is no front facing camera.



Samsung Captivate i897 Cell Phone - Unlocked (32 GB) Cell Phone

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