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Samsung Built-in Dishwasher

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Samsung DMT800RHS WORST Dishwasher EVER !!!!


Samsung DMT800RHS WORST Dishwasher EVER !!!! lots of foods parts in all glasses, smell bad ... Also worst customer service ever !!! Samsung Tech came home after 6 months, tell me to use Cascade instead of sunlight or jet dry... After 10 months, plastic clip broked for the up-basket... Samsung tech came back 1 year later, tell me it's water that's not hot enought ... I have to fixted it by myself, I removed the plastic reciepian on the external left side, clean it all, worked good for about 2 months... Now the Dishwasher is 3 years old and the water valve is defective, Called back Samsung, tell them we are not happy about this product, they tell us that is not there probleme anymore !!! I will put this thing to garbage and by a new one... Beleive me I WILL NOT BUY SAMSUNG ANYMORE !!!


qc, canada


Talks a good game -- doesn't produce!


Doesn't clean, rack pulls off track, must thoroughly pre-wash everything before loading, use special detergent and lots of rinse agent, and must leave spaces between bowls/dishes. You lose all the water and energy savings by having to use these heavy cycles and do pre-washing. It is quiet with good features, but doesn't work! I had people out 3X and all said that's just how the new dishwashers are, and even the company rep said she usually washes her dishes by hand. I wish I'd kept my 10 yr old GE Profile that only required rough scraping, yet the dishes were always clean. I should have had the water pump repaired as my husband said! Noise Level It is definitely quiet! Cleaning Time About average for new dishwashers, but longer that the old standard ones that really cleaned. Loading Flexibility There are many nice features, like a deep top rack, and adjustable and removable racks, spap-/down pieces, etc., but you can't load as they illustrate since the dishes are too close and don't get clean, especially bowls. Performance It does NOT clean the dishes!! It may be energy efficient in use of water while running, but you lose all that when you have to pre-wash the dishes thoroughly before loading. If you don't, you get food particles dried on everything: utensils, glasses, dishes, and inside the door. You must use pots & pans or heavy cycle, storm wash, and sanitize every time in order to be able to use them. You must use a liquid all-in-one like Cascade Advanced Power (since tablets don't work) and jet dry every time. Design One design flaw is that the rack doesn't have a pull-out stop and is difficult to get on track to go back in, which is extremely annoying and happens constantly. It has flexibility in loading features, which is great, but you can't put many things in w/o leaving a space between them so they could possibly get clean. Durability I guess OK, since nothing has broken, but it's only been a little over a year since we got it.


Riverside, NJ


Samsung Built-in Dishwasher

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