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Samsung Built-in Dishwasher

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Looks good but find something better


I am really disappointed with this. i shopped pretty thoroughly and for the amount of money this is not a good appliance. It does not clean consistently; I need to frequently dismantle the filters to rinse to get rid of debris. Despite their promotion that you can load dirty plates and get them clean we have found that to NOT be the case. No matter how long the wash cycle, it still runs for 99 minutes which seems excessive. Noise Level one plus I will give this appliance is that it is quieter than what we had (a GE) Loading Flexibility not much in flexibility. top rack, bottom rack. bottom rack has some foldable sides for larger pieces. but no adjustable top/bottom racks which I would have liked but seemed to be available on other, more expensive models. Performance after 4 washes or so, must dismantle filter traps and manually clean/rinse to make sure that the dishwasher doesn't have grit tossed back onto the glasses and baked on

Bedford, NH




We got this a while ago and we're a family that does not use a lot of dishes so we don't use this a lot. The occasional times we do use it, it does the job. But if anything with more stains on it is put in, it comes out with them still on. We've learned to scrub those dishes first but that really defeats the purpose of a machine. Noise Level It is better than our old dishwasher which was very loud. Cleaning Time It seems like it takes a long time to clean the dishes even when it's just set on normal with no extra added features. Loading Flexibility It's just how a dishwasher should be. Performance For our minimal use, it is decent. Design I now know why buttons on the front are a bad idea. Still, the overall look is very nice and matches out decor. Durability It's still working but we don't use it much. So take that for what you will.



Awful product that shouldn't be called a dishwasher at all.


They might as well call this a dirty dish storage compartment. I always rinse the dishes before I put them in the machine, and they always come out dirty...even when I run it on Heavy. The top sprayer comes off every time we run this machine. I miss my Kitchen Aid dishwasher that I lost due to an electrical storm...the Samsung was a replacement...and it is not measuring up. When I am in the market for another kitchen appliance, I will NOT be looking at Samsung. Noise Level It was quiet for the first year, and now it produces a noisy and annoying hum/whistle when it runs. Cleaning Time Takes FOREVER and dishes still come out dirty! Loading Flexibility Not any better or worse than other dishwashers. Performance If I could give it less than very poor, I would. Design I hate the buttons on the front. I cannot tell you how many times we have accidentally pushed the buttons on the front and have had to start the wash process all over again. I have never had this issue with other machines. Buttons are way too sensitive. Overall look of dishwasher is not very impressive, either. Durability I honestly look forward to when this thing dies!

Thomaston, GA


This dishwasher?


I think that overall this product is more for looks. It looks really great in the kitchen, but looks does not get to far in the long run. I had this washer for maybe a year. For the price we paid for it, the installation, and then the removal was way to much. I feel that if it was a little cheaper it would be a much better vaule. Sometimes it worked really well, and other times some of the items would not be cleaned all the way. I was hoping that maybe it was just this one because I liked the look this gave to our kitchen but after talking to many people it seems that this washer just doesn't always get the job done. We did like I said use this for about a year until we decided to choose something else. I did like it even though I don't reccomend it to anyone.

Mukwonago, WI


samsung dishwasher , I wouldn't buy


But I had this dish washer was the worst thing I ever I bought broke down after 6 months they tried to repair 3 times then custer service was rude and did not want to exchange it but the place we got it from did. the other down fall on this washer is that ever time you get something out of a cabinet you turn it on because of the easy to push buttons

Jackson, SC


Great workhorse for the active family.


The Samsung, DMR57LF Built-in Dishwasher, is a wise investment for any active family.  Along with having 4 seperate wash cycles, it also santizes, rinses and has a delay cycle timer for any desired scenario.  This has been the third dishwasher we have purchased in 10 years.  The others were "ok", but this Samsung does a great job.  We live in the country with well water.  The only negative is the absolute necessesity of either a drying agent (jetdry) or vinegar in the appropriate place next to the detergent dispenser.  The racks are well thought out and enable us to really load it up.  It's sleek exterior is a breeze to clean.  Our grandson is not a problem because of the "child-lock" feature.  This dishwasher is worth every penny.

Toomsboro, GA


Samsung Built-in Dishwasher

2.5 6