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Bottom-Freezer Refrigerators
Samsung Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator RB215LASH

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avoid dealing with Samsung


I have a number of complaints with the refrigerator but I wouldn't have written a review until the 11 month old refrigerator started pouring water into the crisper drawers.  They were prompt at sending out a repair guy who squirted a little caulk around the door in the back inside of the fridge.  He left and within a week it was leaking again.  Every defrost cycle it leaks into the drawers again.  Again I wait for four hours for the repair guy, again I empty the entire refrigerator, again he caulks it, again it leaks.  Within a week it is leaking into the crisper drawers.  Are you seeing the picture here?  At this point I say I've waited enough time, I've emptied the fridge enough, the machine is now about 14 months old, I've had three service calls for the same problem, I want a new fridge.  Not only won't they discuss they have quit even sending the repair guy which, actually, makes sense since he can't fix it.  After each repair they want me to leave the fridge open for 3 hours while the caulk dries.  Who has this kind of time? The refrigerator itself is a huge disappointment.  I have come to realize that the shelves don't have infinite spacing and you can't get them far enough apart so store anything tall.  At this point I will pursue legal means.  I will also dump this piece of crap and never again will I buy anything from Samsung.    

Los Altos, CA


Great design and good price!


We love our Samsung freezer-on-the-bottom refrigerator!  It is so convenient to have the freezer on the bottom instead of having to bend over to reach the lower parts of the fridge every time I need something!  The inside of the refrigerator is spacious and has three drawers and a useful layout.  The freezer has a lot of room and I like it that the freezer drawers are not attached to the door, unlike some other models.  It has two deep drawers and and ice maker.  The ice maker works really well and fills up the ice bucket quickly!  It has temperature controls on the outside of the door that can be locked to prevent children from changing them - a big plus in our house!  The fridge and freezer both work well and keep everything at the temperature we want.  Everything stayed frozen even when the power went out for more than a day.  I really enjoy this fridge, especially since it was priced very reasonably!

Boone, NC


When looks and Efficiency are important!


When we moved into our last home, there were only two of us.  We wanted a refrigerator that was efficient, had style and a bottom freezer as I find it much more convenient vs. side by sides which never seem to have efficient space in the refrigerator or freezer sides.  The Samsung with its dual cooling system and bottom freezer that opens via a door fit all our needs.  The freezer has an icemaker that you can turn on and off from the outside, two drawers for dividing up frozen meat/food.  To be one of their smaller refrigerators, it holds large amount of frozen products.  I buy my meat from a delivery service and buy six months at a time.  It is filled to the top, but it fits! The frigerator with its spill proof shelves that also adjust has just the right ratio in shelves.  The large shelves on the door allow you to store juice, milk and large items. I like the fact there are no doors to get yucky and we have the smooth black finish and yes, you do get fingerprints but since I do not have young kids, it's really not a problem.  I am careful about putting magnets only on the side as I have red it would scratch if used on the front. I do like having the temperature control in the front so that you know at all times if the freezer and refrigerator is working.  It's very "space age" looking and gives your kitchen some style! We have had the refrigerator now for 6 months and are still very happy with the purchase.  I felt the price was very reasonable and for couples who do not need a large refrigerator just burning energy, this is a great buy.  

Del Valle, TX


Samsung Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator RB215LASH

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