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Bottom-Freezer Refrigerators
Samsung Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator

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Bought new 5 or 6 years ago


We absolutely love our refrigerator. I am disabled and in a wheelchair and using this fridge is so easy. I can reach things on the bottom shelf and in the door as well as the top drawer in the freezer. Everyone else can reach everything and loves that the meat drawer can slide out of the way allowing for taller items and the fact that the middle shelf{I think} can fold up allowing for even taller items. We also love the power cool and power freeze options that will lower the temps really fast for a couple of minutes. Perfect for drinks or semi frozen it's to quickly freeze them. We would definitely buy this fridge again.


Ponca City, OK


Bought new 4 years ago


Love the look- gets lots of compliments, very easy to keep clean. Temperatures are best user-friendly design on the market. Love the Quick Freeze/Quick Cool button for when you fill up after a trip to the grocery. Door alarm is great (it's not annoying). Doors can be easily switched to swing out from left or right. Areas for improvement- my biggest complaint is the sliding snack drawer. It catches EVERY SINGLE time I try to slide it and it's been this way from Day 1. I had to have the LCD panel on the door switched out after a year. I buy 2-liters and they can't stand upright on the glass shelves, at any adjustable height so I have to lay them on their side or put them in the bottom shelf of the door. I bought a separate egg crate; it didn't come with one & I keep them on the bottom shelf. The door shelves that are on top (the smaller ones) should be clear because if you keep butter or something short in them, you can't see inside.


New Orleans, La.


Perfectly happy with this refrigerator.


We didn't want or need all the bells and whistles. Ice and water dispenses are reasons for repair and service calls. Replacing filters is pricey. We manage great with just an ice maker. Love the built in look. Love the curved door. Price was fantastic.


Midwest IL and MO


Great for a family of 3 or less


This refrigerator is an overall great appliance. I have a family of 5 so we need a great deal of groceries and it is sometimes difficult to fit it all in. You are unable to fit pitchers, milk, anything with any height on it, on the shelves. However, the wide bottom shelf on the inside of the door is perfect for these things as long as you don't have multiple of any items. The freezer is not that bad, as a matter of fact I think that the drawers make it easier to organize. It is a bit difficult to fit larger items but it can be done. If you have a family of 3 or less, this is perfect for you. Noise Level Ice maker is a bit loud when re-filling the water, but not so much and so long that you cannot get used to it. Interior Organization Love the sliding snack box.




Samsung Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator RB195AC (black)


I wished there was a kick stand on bottom so it can hold the door when your arms are full or have a heavy skillet that you want to put in there. Then you can pull it up or toggle a lever when you've finished. I have to fight w/ the door ... or prop something against it. Which doesn't always work very well. Noise Level I enjoy the quietness however sometimes the ice maker will make me jump. - Even from time to time, it scares the dogs, too. LOLOL I like the alarm sounds to let ya know that the refrigerator door has been standing open for one minute, It is NOT intrusive; just a light ding ding ding :) Interior Organization Refrigerator: Love the spacious veggie drawers! Can't stand 3 liter bottles on any of the shelves. It doesn't have a dedicated area for the eggs. We use the bottom shelving most of the time. Freezer: I like to freeze small water bottles but can't lay 'em in the ice basket.. not enough room. Have to fight the gallon of ice cream in the freezer ... needs to be about 2 or 3 inches wider. Temperature Control I love that we can set the temperate - digitally. that way we KNOW it is accurate!!! Ease of Cleaning All the shelves are easy to take out & put back in. Thx so much!! Durability Seems to be holding up - so far so good! We're coming up on the one year anniversary for this being in our home. Purchased brand new from Aarons Rental. Design It is very beautiful on the outside, but noticed that it scratches easily. Like I said on the bottom freezer drawer .. needs to be about 2 or 3 inches wider so it'd be easier to get gallon (w/ handle) of ice cream out. Doesn't have a specific area for eggs.


Whelen Springs, AR


Summarize this product in one sentence.


Nice unit with a lot of space. Easy to read readout and not too hard to adjust. A ton of room in the refrigerator and not too bad in the freezer. Not really user friendly for a pitcher of juice and the drawers in the freezer could be easier to use and of a better design to provide more room. Holds temp well and it is a very quiet runner. The interior drawers in the refrigerator part can be a little stubborn to open. Solid glass shelves are very strong and easy to adjust. Not quite worth the asking price. Noise Level Quiet runner. Interior Organization Lots of space in the refrigerator but not designed for a pitcher of something. Also the interior shelves in the fridge and freezer and be stubborn to open. Ease of Cleaning Ton of room inside the refrigerator and the freezer makes it easy to reach in and clean. Durability Glass shelves are very strong but plastic drawers could be make a little better. Design Solid design that provides you with a lot of room. Could use improvements.


Moscow, ID


Fan stopped working after a year.


I bought this and within a year it started to make a funny sound, turns out the ice had made its way up the back of the freezer into the fridge and the fan kept hitting the block of ice. A repair man had to come out, order a new part, tear the entire fridge apart and rebuild it. Said it was a common issue in these types of fridges because of the materials they are made out of. Its a good thing we had an extra fridge in the garage because we were unable to use our fridge for a week! Interior Organization Could be better


North Ridgeville, OH


this is a wonderful 3 door refigerator, lots of space


This is a wonderful refigerator, so easy to clean and so spacious. We love it. It is quiet running and the temperature stays at a set control temp. keeping everything fresh and cold. The freezer has two drawers that keep things frozen just right. No more half frozen ice cream, it is frozen just right. We love this Samsung Refigerator.


Waycross, GA


hate the freezer


I bought this because I thought I'd like the wider shelves on a refrigerator which had a bottom freezer (I was getting rid of a side-by-side.) But that was a mistake, at least with this refrigerator, because I just hate the freezer on the bottom in this particular unit. It is hard to see what is in the freezer and the drawers in the freezer don't move well. Things fall behind the drawers onto the floor of the unit and then I have to pull out the whole drawer, retrieve the item, and try to push a heavy freezing drawer back onto the track and in place. The front "door" to the ice-making unit cracked almost immediately, too. Poorly thought out and poorly made. I would not buy Samsung again.


Baton Rouge, LA


Samsung refrigerator


I just bought one of these refrigerators and I love it. I can control my refrigerator and my freezer setting and also offers aquick freeze. I save on my electric bill and I love all these features it has to offer. I am so thankful for my frigde and there are no disslikes that Ihave about my fridge. I am very thankful to have this . The fridge is very roomy and the freezer is easier to get to then the other I had no more standing on tip toes surfing through the freezer


Burnside, KY


Samsung Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator

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