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Blu-Ray Player
Samsung Blu-Ray Player

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Is this the right player for you?


Don't get me wrong, the **Samsung Blu-ray Disc Player (BD-C5500)** is a good entry-level player that plays blu-ray discs as well as up-converts regular DVD movies. It even has the added bonus of supporting Internet connectivity and Samsung Apps, including: Netflix, Pandora, Blockbuster, Facebook, Twitter, Picasa, and more. It even has USB ports that support USB flash drives to play music and pictures. Also, if you already have a Samsung HDTV, then only one remote control is needed to control both. However, there are several important considerations regarding this player, including: - This player comes with an analog RCA cable only. Like most players, it does not come with a HDMI cable. Be sure to get one online or at your local discount store to avoid paying the inflated price at retail stores. - This player only outputs 2 channel audio (stereo). It does not have any digital output for 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound. If digital surround sound output is desired, then consider one of the higher Samsung models. - This player is **Wi-Fi ready**; it does not come with a Wi-Fi adapter. It does, however, have a wired Ethernet port. If Wi-Fi is needed, it is probably cheaper to buy the Samsung BD-C6500 player rather than this one + the necessary Samsung LinkStick Wi-Fi network adapter (although there are other less expensive Wi-Fi adapter options available). - When first connected to the Internet, be prepared for a 15 minute wait as the player downloads all of the necessary updates. - If you do not have a Samsung HDTV or don't care about using multiple remotes (or have a universal remote), then there are other cheaper blu-ray players with comparable features available. Hopefully the above considerations will help you make an informed decision on the best player to fit your needs. If you do decide to get the **Samsung BD-C5500 Blu-Ray Player**, then I don't think you'll be disappointed either... *Note:  This player does not have any 3D capabilities.*


Harrison, OH


Samsung BluRay GREAT buy for the Money


We used to stream in NEtflix from our Xbox and it messed up so we were in the need to for a new machine to do this for us. And we decided to buy a Bluray playing that could stream in Netflix.. We looked around at different places to see where the best buy would be at and what each Blurays features were. And we decided on the BluRay Samsung BD-C5500 it can stream in NEtflix and many other things such as Pandora or Blockbluster. It was very easy to install and it works perfectly for streaming in movies. It does not buffer alot it keeps the showing going and its color is very very clear and we do not have a HD TV and it still looks so much better. I like the fact that all our DVD;s we have gotten over the years can also be used in it too. The remote works both the tv and the Bluray which is also another plus and keeps the remotes laying around the house down. I am very happy with our purchase of this Bluray would recommend it to anyone looking for a Bluray!


Marianna, FL


At first use, loved it. Now we HATE this player.


I originally did a review for this player on the website I purchased it from.  A glowing review.  Picture quality was outstanding, on both blu-ray and dvd's both.  Set up was easy, player looks sleek, the touch screen is nice, and the remote is great. Now, I change it to 1 star.  Sure, the picture quality is great, but that is if you can get the picture up.  We canceled our online subscription to a movie on demand provider because it was always-and when I say always, I mean every single rental-needs to be completely rebooted. It got worse.  Now, every time we play a blu-ray or dvd...and when I say every time, I MEAN EVERY SINGLE STINKING MOVIE!!!  The darn player freezes up.  Can't load.  You have to take it out once, twice, sometimes three times to get it to load.  I'm talking shutting power off, uloading, reloading, through all the setup.  Ridiculous.  My husband has to start the "movie process" 20 minutes before we sit down to watch the movie.  When people say it takes too long to load-don't discount that like I did.  I seriously rolled my eyes, thinking geez people are impatient these days.  We're not talking a 30 second delay while loading.  We're talking about a significant amount of time.  This player is NOT well made, we would return it if we could.  Save your money.  Buy something else.


Bemidji, MN


Excellent Blu-ray


I got this TV as part of a Black Friday deal where it came with a Samsung LED-TV, so I did not do much research on it prior to purchase.  I have been using it for about two months now.  The appearance of the player is futuristic since there are actually no buttons on the machine itself, but just a metal bar with symbols that light up when the machine is on.  The bar is touch sensitive. The player and TV have something called anylet which allows the two to communicate so that when you turn one off the the other device also turns off automatically.  This is nice since sometimes I would forget to turn the player off when I turn the TV off.  The player is wi-fi compatible, but you need to buy a dongle to use this feature.  This is the only disadvantage that I have found.  The player plays DVDs and Blu-ray discs well.  You can hook up the player to the TV via HDMI or red, yellow, white audio and video cables.  A nice feature that surprised me was that you can hook up a hard drive to the player via usb and play any video files you have stored there.


Franklin Square, NY


Samsung BDC5500 Blu-Ray Player is awesome


The Samsung -BD-C5500 Blu-Ray Player is an awesome product.  The hook up to the televison was very simple and a fast set-up.  The remote made it easy to switch between different sources.  The Samsung blu-ray player makes the quality in sharpness in picture and sound much richer and better than the normal DVD player.  The blu-ray player also has made normal DVDs look even better looking than when played on a DVD player.  The blu-ray also has a wi-fi adapter connection that can stream videos and music from Pandora, You Tube and Hulu.  Also you can use the blu-ray allows you to browse the internet.  What is also good is that you can hook up an external hard drive to the Samsung bl-ray player so that you can view files of family pictures, videos and home movies.  The blu-ray player also allows you to access extra features from the blu-ray discs that you would normally not see on the regular DVDs.


Franklin Square, NY


This Samsung internet ready Blu-Ray player is terrific!


We purchased this Blu-Ray player to upgrade our DVD viewing.  We didn't know what Internet Ready meant.  Pleasantly surprised to have the Netflix, Blockbuster, Google etc interface included.  It's great!  Purchased it from our local Best Buy.  The remote has large buttons with the active buttons glow in the dark so you can see them as you watch a movie in dim lighting at home.  It regularly updates the software interface with the internet.  Love it.


New London, MN


A decent Bluray Player! Time to retire your old DVD player.


Great design (I upgraded from previous model BD-P1600, which reminded me my old VCR) and I did like in particular the white-led illuminated buttons and overall design. Nice frontal USB cover too. Good playback format compatibility, reads NTFS-formatted external hard drives flawlessly. No major problems whith BD Discs, amazing image quality as should be. With BD-Wise enabled you can get the most of your discs in a 720p or 1080p class screen. Upscaling of DVD discs is pretty decent. Internet @ TV is a 5-star feature, from basic weather forecast, to video streaming! Constant upgrades keep this an this an reliable service. DLNA could be better, most of the times he player needs to be cleared manually at the Samsung PC Software to access the files on my PC. But the big con: Lack of native wireless connection - the official (but optional) wireless dongle is too expensive. If you don't have an router near, be prepared to buy a big ethernet cable, or do a workaround with some router working as an AP (access point) near your player.


Beverly Hills, CA


Samsung Blu-Ray Player

4.0 7