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Blu-Ray Player
Samsung Blu-Ray Player

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Samsung Blu-Ray is awesome!


We purchased this because we wanted a bluray player and we wanted something to watch netflix on besides the computer. I am so glad we bought it! I love the fact that it has a menu with the choice of netflix, blockbuster, pandora, and youtube. The only thing that I didn't like was we though it had wi-fi built in but it doesn't. It's wi-fi capable though. Other than that it is totally awesome! We watch netflix on it all the time. It has an awesome picture quality. We don't really watch blurays mostly dvds and those look awesome on here. Another thing that I didn't like was in order to get HD quality on the tv from the bluray you have to purchase the expensive HD wires. I think it would be awesome if they just came with the player! Another cool thing is the pandora that comes on it. You can go online and customize your playlist and listen to it on your bluray! If your in the market for a cheap bluray I would definately recommend this one!


Brazil, IN


This unit is good value for the money


I bought this particular model because of the price and to stream Netflix. I was hesitant after reading the terrible reviews posted by others, but because Sams club's return policy is outrageously lenient (the previous blu-ray player I bought I returned without the box and documents and received cash for) I went through with it. The player is connected to the internet via ethernet cable and plays on a Philips 42" 1080p, 120MHz, LCD. Everything works fine and was incredibly easy to set up. The Netflix user interface is amazingly simple (I expected a hassle), and the movies stream wonderfully with not a single stutter or blink. The Netflix and Pandora built in software really adds a lot. The streaming works flawlessly. I like the unit just fine and it outputs at 1080P which my TV immediately recognized. The unit is a sleek black design with touch type buttons, which makes it semi-child proof, as there is no openings on the surface of the buttons for the inevitable curious dirty toddler fingers. One of the cool things about watching Blu-ray movies is the interactive menus available while watching the movie and additional bonus material on the disks.


Fairfax, VA


Samsung Blu-Ray Player

4.0 2