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Very high technology that sure will save your energy ,......


Samsung BIO SLEEP , is one of many air-conditioning brands I have , I will speak firstly about the thing which makes Samsung BIO SLEEP unique and different from all the air-conditioners I already have , it change temperature according to your body temperature , change temperature in different times of the day , morning temperature is different from sleep temperature , but to be ohnest this change is not that accurate , some times I feel it's hot I need more power , this very advanced technology in my opinion to be very accurate needs higher brands with higher price than that of Samsung BIO SLEEP , however for it's price it's good and works very well , it's my personal opinion and may other people see that this option in Samsung BIO SLEEP is very good and good working , another disadvantage of Samsung BIO SLEEP which is in all other split type air-conditioners that it's not easy to install and sure you will need a specialist to assist you in that , please do not misunderstand me I like Samsung BIO SLEEP very much and now I will tell you most. Of it's advantages , firstly it's very quite no any sound and this advantage is also found in most split type air-conditioners compared to the noisy widow type air-conditioners , Samsung BIO SLEEP cools the whole room with even distribution of air in every inch of your room , whatever was the width of your room every inch will be cooled , but my advise that in large rooms it's bitter to turn Samsung BIO SLEEP on about ten minutes before you go to this room because Samsung BIO SLEEP needs some time to reach the whole room , energy efficient and sure the main advantage ofSamsung BIO SLEEP that it will save your energy , you will be surprised with the great decrease in the electricity use in your electricity bill when you compare between before and after using Samsung BIO SLEEP or using any other air-conditionier brand or even same Samsung brand but another model not Samsung BIO SLEEP , you can use Samsung BIO SLEEP in all rooms.



Bio Sleep product...


This Samsung BIo SLEEP has its ups and downs for sure. First of all it is an air conditioner that automatically adjusts to your body temperature. I think that in order for this product to really work, one has to believe that it will really work. I try to give things a chance before I just turn them down, so for me, this worked fairly well. This product has differnt settings, which change within the night. There is the going to bed setting, then it changes to a sleeping setting, and then it changes once again when a person should be getting up in the morning. I also think that this product really helps to save energy. Like I said before I like this product, but I think each person would have to check into it, do research, or test it out for themselves before deciding what they should do.

Mukwonago, WI



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