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Samsung ATIV Smart PC Tablet

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A pain in the neck


I have had problem after problem with this tablet. I've had it 5 months and already have had to do a complete reformat 3 times. The keyboard will NOT stay docked at all, many USB devices aren't recognized at all or will work intermittently. I was so excited about this thing, the disappointment is gigantic. Battery Life The battery lasts through the day, even with not optimal settings. Processing Speed Everything I've tried to run has been acceptable or better. Haven't tried Microsoft Office yet. Weight It's pretty lightweight for the size. App Availability You can only use apps from Microsoft. They are pretty limited. Design Some of the plugs (particularly the power) could have been relocated. The keyboard function rarely works. The camera is meh. It would be a great tablet if they would offer Android (and I heard the new one does) and worked out the keyboard bug or created a fix for it. As you can probably tell I am pretty angry about the keyboard functionality. I'm also upset that it isn't more advertised that some models are not compatible with a stylus (as is mine :( ) Durability It's tough.




Very cool!


I wanted to find a tablet that would offer the convenience of technology, without any frustration. We settled on ATIV Smart PC 500T Tablet. This tablet was very easy to set up. It prompts you through the whole process. Navigation is just as simple. You download apps just like an Apple product, they just come from the Windows store. You can change the placement of the app tiles easily so that the ones you use most often are easily accessible. Battery Life I charged this up over night and it lasted all day. I was very impressed with the battery life. Processing Speed This tablet was lighting fast. I'm sure a little of the speed has to do with your own personal internet service and wifi connection, but this worked really fast for us. Weight This is lightweight enough to be easily carried in a purse. App Availability The windows store has tons of apps you can download and they're adding more all the time! There are lots of free apps too! Design I definitely like the design of this tablet.


Southfield, MI


A Great Windows Tablet For Mobile Users


I bought the Samsung Ativ 500T four months ago and since the day it arrived at my doorstep it has grown to become my go-to mobile device. For an 11.6" screen, the 1366x768 resolution is more than sufficient for solid productivity and with 2GB of memory, a 64GB SSD, and a 1.8GHz Intel Atom Z2760 processor, it runs Windows 8 very well. Despite what some of the other reviews I've read state, I am able to run Photoshop CS6, MS Word and Excel 2010, and a variety of entertainment apps without noticing any major performance issues. If you choose to keep the recovery partition on the device, you won't be left with much storage capacity, but since the Ativ 500T comes with a Micro SD slot, I was able to add another 16GB of storage which I use to store photos and ebooks. The Samsung Ativ 500T isn't necessarily the highest performing Windows tablet available, but the specs are more than sufficient for the average user and with an almost 10 hour battery life, it is truly a contender for the top Windows tablet for mobile users. Battery Life I travel via train and place frequently and even when watching movies the Samsung Ativ 500T gets me through an entire flight from Newark, NJ to San Diego, CA. Processing Speed The only time a notice some sort of lag with the processor is when I am installing software. Otherwise, there are never any problems multitasking. Weight The design is well-balanced, making it feel just as heavy as my iPad 3. App Availability I'm not big into experimenting with tons of apps, so it's not an issue for me. However, the Windows Store definitely needs a larger quantity of higher quality apps.




samsung pc/tablet


For only the couple months I have owned, really enjoy the ease of use and learning how to use Windows 8. Overall this product fits very well with my swagging away from home at the camper on the weekends. Love using the keyboard alot (not so much as a tablet). Has quite a few USB ports to plug many things at once. Would recommend for anyone to use everyday or even as a computer. Kids will love too. Very simple to learn quickly how to navigate the different format. Do wish I did have access to Android apps as I do on my smartphone, but still in the learning phases of all this tablet/pc can do. Battery Life i wish the battery life was a little longer but not too bad. also wish the cord plugged in better into the tablet itself. have to keep the keyboard attached to charge. Processing Speed quick and simple with tasks that i perform daily. Weight love that it's exceptionally lightweight. App Availability wish i could get some of the same android apps i have on my smartphone. Design love the colors for the keyboard and tablet. Durability have had for a couple months and love the ease of cleaning and staying clean (except finger prints on screen) and very easy to travel with. would highly recommend a carrying case of some kind.




Samsung ATIV Smart PC Tablet

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