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Samsung ATIV Smart PC PRO 500TC Tablet

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Excellent device for work and entertainment


This is an excellent PC that is capable of any useful, actual work while also a very fun device to be used for any entertainment purposes. Though not exactly a powerhouse, the compact and light Samsung Ativ500 packs a capable hardware inside a sleek polished plastic case. Battery Life It has an excellent battery life of upto 9 hours according to the manufacturer. PC Manufacturers almost always over-rate this but in this Samsung's case, it really is that close and I think it may feel even longer unless you are really on it all the time. As for me, I use it only from time to time and have it mostly on sleep, so I have been going days on it on a single charge. Battery life by the tablet itself is amazing. However, I am giving it only a 4 star because the added docking keyboard does not have any battery installed, as most people interested in this tablet should be already aware of. But I guess that keeps the total weight of the tablet a little lighter. And honestly, the battery on the tablet itself is more than adequate for me, as explained above. Processing Speed With its Atom Z2760 dual core processor, the name Atom may bring out nightmares in a lot of people, if they've had any experience with them old atom netbooks. Don't be fooled though, this Clovertrail isn't blazing, but by no means does it slack. It runs full 1080p without a hiccup, (well, a few hiccups), web browsing and other multi-tasking is a blaze. For boot up, this does not even use a real SSD and it boots up as fast as any other laptops using real SSDs out there. But certainly, theres a difference as it uses eMMC. But most android and apple tablets also use this form of storage and we all know that they aren't really slow. However, the 2GB ram may be the bottleneck for a lot of people if they want to multi-task it to the max, or if they want to use any applications that are memory hungry. With this tablets target being casual users though, that will hardly be a problem. If not, you are in the wrong market. Weight It is not heavy, not too light. on actual weight information, it can be found on any specifications on the product page so I am going to write how I feel carrying it around. The form factor is just that of a small 11~12 inch netbooks. thickness also pretty similar if keyboard is attached. Recent flood of ultrabooks spoiled a lot of people on the term portability, but if you think 3 years back, these were extremely portable and light. Just keep in mind that with the keyboard, it is just as bulky as those old netbooks we used to have. Without the keyboard, it is noticeably bigger than any 10inch android tabs or an ipad, but also carries that much more functionalities. I would say that it is a nice tradeoff. By no means is it hefty or too big though. I think its size is just about right and being all plastic makes it actually pretty light. weight wise, you would barely be able to tell a difference between this and any other 10 inch tablets in your bag. App Availability windows 8 metro apps available, PLUS, this is a full blown windows machine, which means it is compatible with ALL legacy x86 apps. any PC programs that runs on your desktop can be run on this. Score. Design I love this weird blueish color. very pretty in my eyes. I have its bigger brother Ativ Pro 700 in all black, and I just love this way more. built pretty tough without any creaks, flexes or anything. as mentioned before though, its all plastic, but its polished with a clear coating that actually grips nicely to my fingers. this plastic looks good. Durability tablet hasn't been out long enough for me to comment specifically on durability, but overall build quality is extremely well, as with other samsung products. some bash its plastic designs, but i don't see a point in that other than those people's personal preference over material, or peer influence, going aluminum is best! (not).


Colorado Springs, CO


Samsung ATIV Smart PC PRO 500TC Tablet

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