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Samsung 800 Watts Microwave Oven

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The Samsung MW888STB microwave oven is pretty and productive.


My Samsung MW888STB microwave oven is something that I depend on every day without really thinking about it until now.  It is an appliance that seems like it's a permanent fixture in my tiny kitchen since I've used it for approximately seven years now.  At first, I was shopping for a microwave that was small enough to fit into my tiny kitchen alongside my convection toaster, which happened to have that brushed chrome color to it.  Now, I wasn't just being superficial but I lucked out finding a microwave that matched the color of my toaster and, at 800 watts, was powerful enough yet not too powerful for my needs.  It also happened to be just the right price at the time. There are some convenient features, such as the "Potato", "Popcorn", "Pizza Reheat" and "Boil Water" buttons.  I have used those consistently throughout the years and have been quite pleased with the performance of the microwave.  Two other convenient shortcut buttons available are "Fresh Vegetables" and "Frozen Dinner", however, I have not had any interest in trying those.  The "Defrost" and "One Minute +" buttons are nice to have as well, but I don't use them all that often. Despite its relatively modest appearance of size, the Samsung MW888STB microwave can accommodate a large dinner plate without a problem.  The turntable is a great feature.  I feel much better about the distribution of heat through the food since it is rotating as it cooks. One thing that I have noticed, though, is that the Owner's Manual isn't kidding.  That microwave needs to stay clean!  I made the mistake of telling myself that I would clean up a spaghetti sauce eruption later.  I wanted to eat my dinner before it got cold.  Cleaning can wait, right?  It'll just take a little more elbow grease.  Well, the instructions say to use mild soap - not abrasive cleaners.  With all of the messes that I allowed to accumulate (beyond spaghetti sauce) I don't see how mild soap could EVER clean that.  I have myself to blame there, though.  I defied the instructions in the Owner's Manual.  So, Mea Culpa on that one. The outside of the microwave tends to be a mess-magnet, too.  If you're like me and have cramped kitchen square footage & every ingredient of everything you create ends up on one surface or another then you can imagine how the microwave is constantly under attacks of pan spray, egg splatters, flour, sugar, cocoa powder - you name it...Let's just say that the only gripe I have with that microwave is that it is not easy for ME to clean it.  Maybe it's not the microwave's fault.  It's just in a chaotic, food-flying environment. I would recommend the Samsung MW888STB microwave oven for anyone who is looking for a basic microwave that still has a little pizazz appearance-wise, a turntable, and some very useful shortcut cooking mode buttons.  It's survived this chaotic environment with daily use for the past seven years or so.  I'd say it's a keeper.  

Baltimore, MD


Samsung 800 Watts Microwave Oven

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