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Samsung 7.5 Cu. Ft. Steam Gas Dryer DV455GVGSWR


Save time with smartphone control in this Samsung Gas Dryer You can remotely start your washer and select the cycle time and water temperature from anywhere within a wireless network through the innovative smartphone app available for iPhone 44S and ...

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Wrinkles disappear!


We moved into a new house that had hook ups for a gas dryer,so we were on the lookout for one and found this Samsung steam gas dryer. I had never used a gas dryer before so I was a bit hesitent when I first got it and wondered how it was going to work, but I absolutely love it. This dryer works so well and even holds a very large sized load. We have a big family so we dirty up clothes fast, so being able to do one load instead of multiple smaller ones is a huge time saver for us. When there is a large load in, the dryer goes right to work and makes sure all of the clothes are dried and look amazing. You put distilled water in the little tank to use it to get rid of wrinkles out of clothes. This is a great feature and when you put some nice dress clothes in that you want to come out not wrinkled and looking great. I love the efficiency and quickness of this dryer, it has been all that we expected and more for our household.



Samsung LCD Dryer is Amazing!


This dryer is the first to allow interaction with a Smartphone, and the app is free from the iTunes. The dryer can alert your phone when your drying cycle is complete, so you can activate a wrinkle prevention stage (if you forgot to do that when you turned on the dryer to begin with). The steam option helps prevent wrinkles, and it can be used to refresh clothes if you don't feel like using an iron. There are multiple cycles to choose from, so you can dry anything from a delicate item to large bedding. The huge capacity even makes drying king-size comforters a breeze. There is a removable shelf you can put in the dryer to use a drying rack, if you do not want your items to agitate around the drum of the machine. The design of this machine is very sleek and attractive. This is definitely the coolest-looking and most technologically-advanced dryer available at this time.

Simpsonville, SC


Samsung 7.5 Cu. Ft. Steam Gas Dryer DV455GVGSWR

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