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Samsung 58 in. 3D Plasma TV

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Great Package and Great Price


Not only do you get a great 1080P but also 3d for a non 3d price?  Samsung is includiing the glasses and 3d Bluray player.  I would rate this Samsung right on top of all others.  Even has some Internet Apps.

Rio Rancho, NM


The Samsung PM58C7000 is amazing!


This TV is AMAZING!!!!  My husband and I debated heavily as to if this was the time to make the jump from our 32 inch off brand to the 3D future.  Let me tell you, it was the best jump we have jumped.  We had the TV delivered and installed with a new surround sound system (or old one was also from the stone age).  Upon arrival, the box was overwhelming in our living room.  The two delivery men struggled to successfully remove the television from the box with out completely destroying the box and other packing materials.  One big issue with us is that my husband is a principal so we move every few years, so moving such a large, heavy, easily breakable TV is a concern.  We choose the Plasma because the front is not as easily breakable by small hands touching the screen.  Even though I was originally very overwhelmed by the size, I have grown to enjoy it immensely.  The picture is crystal clear, we have upgraded our Dish Network to include the HD options.  It continues to amaze me how clear and precise the picture quality is.  As the 3D world continues to evolve we will use the option more and more.  The only thing that scares us is the cost of the 3D glasses, which will hopefully go down as time goes on.  The only other negative with the 3D is that we have small children in our home who are not always very interested in watching a program while wearing glasses.  However, this TV will grow with our family.    

Storm Lake, IA


Samsung ROCKS!!! 3D Plasma is AMAZING


**I just bought the Samsung PN58C7000 58 in. 3D Plasma TV, its amazing,** **The sound quality is magnificent and the visual effects rock. Its like i have my own IMAX theater in my living room. ** **Ive actually connected my PS3 to it and played rock band, let me just say AMAZING!!!**    

Miami, FL


Samsung 58 in. 3D Plasma TV

5.0 3