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Samsung 56 in. DLP TV

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Samsung 56" DLP is amazing...with some exceptions


The Samsung series DLP HDTV's are some of the best quality DLP televisions on the market today.  I realize that many people are looking for 2 inch thick LCD or plasma technology these days but I suggest you consider DLP as a much more budget friendly solution to your HD needs. As with many HDTV's the samsung series has plenty of features and offer 1080p resolutions.  To get a bit technical if you're curious about resolutions and how it works read the next paragraph...if not scroll down to the conclusion. Tech jargon incoming.  There are two different signals you will hear about.  Interlaced (that's the i) and Progressive Scan (here is your p).  A TV picture is broken into frames...like a frame in a movie...it comes to your set at a 30 frames a second.  Interlaced pictures divide the picture into half and paint your screen one half at a time every sixtieth of a second.  Odd number of lines first sixtieth then even lines second sixtieth of a second.  On bigger screens this becomes a problem and can cause flickering and jittery picture (artifacts).  Progressive scan shows all lines at one time digitally and does it twice since it paints all lines the first sixtieth of a second it has time to do it the second sixtieth of a second thus reinforcing the picture and you get a much clearer image with less flickering and artifacts.  Most analog TV's are interlaced but almost all digital sets now days are progressive scan.  1080p means it has 1080 lines of progressive scan.  The more lines the sharper the picture...get it? Bottom line if you can't dump 2 grand or more into a nice LCD or plasma screen then DLP will provide you with a great image at a much cheaper price.  I haven't seen many DLP TV's compare in quality to the Samsung.  If you plan to go DLP the Samsung DLP's are the way to go! 

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Samsung 56 in. DLP TV

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