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Samsung 55 in. 3D LCD TV

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Great image quality, but too many extra features.


First off, I love this TV. The brightness is very good. I try to position my TV so that it isn't in direct sunlight but there is a large window in my living room. Despite this the images don't get washed out and the contrast is very good. Viewing angles are excellent also. I have a rather long L-shaped sofa which means that people on opposite ends of the sofa have an off-center view. I have sat on either side of this setup and while it never is as good as being in the center, the TV is perfectly viewable from these positions. What I don't really like about this TV is not really a criticism of this TV but of these HDTVs in general, which is that they are pushing higher frequencies 240hz+ while the observation of many people has been that these changes make the movies/TV shows look worse. IE the "soap opera effect". I got this TV because it was on sale at my local big box electronic store but my next TV will be 4k TV. If I'm going to spend money for more quality, I'd like it to be for higher resolution.



Samsung 55 in. 3D LCD TV

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