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Samsung 52 in. LCD TV

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Love this Samsung 52" LCD TV


I love Samsung Tvs. Especially this one. I don't always  search for, or have to have name brand items. I look for quality and value first, not always the name. However, I have found when I walk into a store and look for the sharpest brightest picture on a television screen, it is always a Samsung. So I am sticking with this brand as long as I still get great quality for the money. I am planning on purchasing another TV this year and it will be the biggest one I can afford. I highly recommend this TV. I have this in my bedroom and I spend more time in here watching television than upstairs where the bigger one is. My kids have that one hooked up to all their gaming systems.  I have never had a problem with a Samsung and it's a product that I can rely on for the best picture. It is also easy to keep clean, the dust does not show up as easily as on other screens. I like the touch button on and off features on the side of the screen.

Hitchcock, TX


samsung shows great hd


I have this samsung tv. I went out and want a reliable brand of tv to go in my living room. I looked at several different tvs from every angle. I wanted to make sure the tv I bought was going to look good from anywhere I sat in my living room. I also tested several tvs for HD quality. Samsung has the best picture from any angle and my HD receiver broadcasts a great picture in true HD quality. I couldnt have bought a better tv.

Decatur, AL


Samsung is the BEST!


I love my Samsung 52".  I shopped around and scratched my head for a long time before settling on what I believe the best picture quality of them all with a good price!  I would recommend samsung not just for this product but for many other products too.  Very good quality brand at reasonable prices!

Burnet, TX


Excellent picture, many settings, good accessibility


This TV is simply amazing. It has three hdmi inputs which is very convenient because I have one hdmi running to my XBOX 360, one to my computer and one to my blu-ray player. THe sharp image is incredible and makes movies appear 10x better than most televisions. The size is somewhat large but I had to make it fit in my room. It is very enjoyable to watch movies on it especially with a great home entertainment system. The response time of 6ms is great and the color aspect is sweet. There are several ports in the back that can be used for audio and video input and output. There is a game mode which is nice because it cleans up some of the choppiness that some televisions have and it also gives the colors more vibrancy. I'm really happy with the thickness of the TVs and how far the technology has come because if I had a 52" projection it would be much thicker and a LOT heavier. Because of the lightness in these LCDs you are able to mount them to your wall. I really recommend this LCD to any of my friends and family although the price tag is a little expensive for those who just want a TV.

Santa Rosa, CA


Samsung 52 in. LCD TV

5.0 4