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Samsung 51 in. 3D Plasma TV PN51D7000

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Exceeded expectations


I recently purchased this TV and was overall satisfied with it! The product isn't very expensive but the overall appearance looks of high quality and it seems sturdy. There wasn't mush assembly required except playing the stand since I didn't want to place it on a wall mount just yet. Considering it's size I'd say that it was a nice purchase and I don't regret it one bit! I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who is looking for a TV that isn't too expensive, but is nice and of good quality! Picture Quality The picture quality is great! Allows you to adjust the colors and set it to what best suits you. The quality is very clear and beautiful! Sound Quality The sound quality is great! It sounds clear and sounds even better if you connect it to your surround system. Durability I can't day considering I just purchased it but I feel like it's sturdy and made well enough to last for a while! Design The design is simple nothing too complex, yet still beautiful! Performance I believe it's performance is good. It is easy to figure out!



Samsung PN51D7000 Best TV I have owned


We have been impressed with our Samsung 3D Plasma TV. We purchased it about 11 months ago, and right for the start have only been happy with it. It was easy to set up and came well-packaged. The screen and picture clarity is amazing. I used to struggle to read the score on a football game, but now with our new flat screen, I can see it from the other room. The sound quality is also great. We have no complaints about this TV. It works and looks just as good as the day we brought it home. We have only used the 3D feature one time to try it out. I think it is a thing of the future still at this point since many things to not broadcast in 3D, but that has no negative impact on the TV.

Brighton, MI


Beautiful colors and popping 3D images


We have had this TV for some time and while I was skeptical about the 3D aspect, I am loving it! The colors are so rich and the black is ACTUALLY black (not gray). However, where the picture and 3D is amazing, the speakers leave a lot to be desired. I highly suggest investing in a surround sound to accompany this TV. The sound has to be turned up very lound to be normal and then is starts distorting. Picture Quality The colors are very natural: the whites are not as "blue" as on some TVs and the blacks are not as "gray" Sound Quality The volume must be turned up quite loud to be able to hear at a "normal" level, but by then, the speakers begin to distort. Durability We have moved twice with this TV! Design I don't love the base, but it is basic. the bevil (frame) of the TV is nice and thin. Performance Overall, I would definitely recommend it

Norristown, PA


Samsung 51 in. 3D Plasma TV PN51D7000

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